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NativeChat is an innovative artificial intelligence-driven platform for creating and deploying purpose-built chatbots.


The Cognitive Chatbot Development Platform

NativeChat is a chatbot building platform that allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks using natural language interfaces. It has a powerful and intuitive toolset that supports low-code implementations and is programming-language agnostic, allowing for a fast time to market.

The platform is business user-friendly, easy to train and configure, and can tap into a new communication channel while modeling the visitor journey.

NativeChat is multichannel, multilingual, and personalized, delivering always-on, tailored experiences to visitors in a variety of languages. Its features include a chatbot builder, an AI engine, and support for multiple channels.

Chatbot for Financial Services

Get an AI edge on the competition and provide a 24/7 self-service to customers.

Chatbot for Healthcare

Streamline patient care with a secure and regulatory-compliant chatbot solution.

Chatbot for B2E

Automate workflows. Onboard, engage and enable employees in real time, anywhere.