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Pencil AI

Pencil is the AI Ad Generator that helps brands & agencies create new ad variations 10x faster.

Pencil AI

AI is the easiest way to generate unlimited ad creatives, integrated with your existing stack.

1. Connect your data

Connect data from your ad accounts to learn from winning ads, see insights and train predictions.

2. Connect your assets

Connect to your store or assets library to import branding, images, videos and product information.

3. Generate or receive ads

Generate new static & video ad creatives yourself in minutes, or receive creatives made by your Creative Assistant.

New to Generative AI? Watch a quick demo!

See how Pencil uses AI to help you generate and edit ad creatives.
Use $1B in ad spend data to get insights, predictions and benchmarks to improve results.

Generate creatives for all platforms in one place.

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Automatically generate static & video ad creatives.

Don’t spend time and money making ads manually… especially when most end up not performing. Automate creative production and breathe a sigh of relief.

Pencil AI
Pencil AI

Run creatives predicted to win based on $1B in ad spend.

Pencil helps you run only those creatives already expected to perform among the top quartile in your sector. This is based on a dataset of over $1B in ad spend, so you know it’s good.

Easily edit ad creatives to achieve the perfect result.

Pencil’s editor allows you, your designer or even your media team to make the simple edits that are so important to performance testing – in real time.Pencil AI

Pencil AI

Get clarity on what’s working in your creatives, and what isn’t.

See what copy, creatives and even design elements are common across your winning and losing ads. So you can do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

See how your results stack up against your sector.

Pencil Benchmarks tell you how you’re performing vs. your sector – but also what tactics and creative angles everyone’s using that you should be, too.

Pencil AI

What people are saying

Brands and agencies are increasing creative scale,
lowering production costs and improving their results with Pencil.

When I started in performance marketing 10 years ago, I was one of a room full of people manually adjusting bids in spreadsheets. We’ve all since moved on to better, more strategic, and more interesting (!) work, and bidding is a solved problem, fully automated with machine learning. I have no doubt Pencil is about to do the same for all the very talented creatives currently pushing pixels around manually in Adobe After Effects.
Michael TaylorAgency marketer
We’re putting machine learning at the heart of our agency operating system, and Pencil’s creative AI platform has helped us accelerate our new model. Our team now spends more time on high-value strategy, and less on repetitive execution.
Tye De GrangeAgency marketer
We leveraged Pencil’s platform and saw a 20% improvement in performance and 24% reduction in production costs. This is the start of a great journey.
Anu BiswasEnterprise marketer
Pencil is by far the best way to create winning video ads at scale by combining Oscar-worthy AI editing software with AI learning algorithms that effectively eliminate the guess work out of what makes for winning ad creatives. Moreover, you are no longer exclusively dependent upon an agency for video ad creatives. Pencil gives you all the tools you need to level the playing field. The interface is easy, the results are impressive. Lots of companies claim to have built a better mouse trap, the team at Pencil has actually done it.
Rob CarlinerEcommerce marketer
Creative AI is already helping us cut costs, and we’ve only just started. We always test numerous creative variations to optimize performance, and Pencil allows us to generate a higher volume of ads more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost.
Gil DavidAgency marketer
Pencil provided a one-stop solution that helped streamline every part of my workflow.  Instead of spinning cycles or reinventing the wheel with every new project, I can let the system focus on scale while I focus on the creative details.
Jeremy ThurswellEcommerce marketer
We are a startup with limited budget… Pencil allowed us to create robust ads and easily iterate on those that worked, which we otherwise would not have been able to do without a much larger (and specialized) team or a much larger budget. Very impressive product and a team that’s very pleasant to work with.
Ryan ZimmermanEcommerce marketer
We were surprised by the quality of Pencil’s machine-generated creative ads. A lot of fresh variety, compelling copy, and our FB ROAS performance has been very promising so far.
Carly LondonGrowth marketer
We tested Pencil’s AI ads as part of a recent ecommerce conversion campaign. The brand teams were excited by the ideas and amazed at how fast new ads and formats could be generated and approved. In the end the media team saw a 23% improvement in ad efficiency over a month-long A/B test. This is an exciting new technology.”
Sebastian AuEnterprise marketer

Pencil’s AI is the secret weapon of fast-growing brands & agencies

Learn how brands & agencies are using Pencil to test more ad creative,
turn their data into competitive advantage and unlock the next level of growth.