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DocuChat is the fastest and easiest way to get answers from your documents with GPT-3 powered chatbots


What is Docuchat

DocuChat is a platform that uses GPT-3 powered chatbots to provide accurate answers based on the documents you upload.

You can easily create your own chatbot by uploading your documents, and ask questions in natural language. The chatbots only provide answers based on the content in your documents, and can be made public or kept private.

DocuChat can be used for various purposes, such as getting answers from large bodies of text, collaborating with teams, making learning more convenient, and navigating complex documents.

Skip the Search:Get Instant, Accurate Answersfrom AI Chatbots

Train chatbots with your documents and websites, then seamlessly embed them on your site. Watch as they deliver instant answers with citations, around-the-clock, in any language, across all channels.

Reclaim Time Lost on Repeat Questions and Search

Imagine a day where AI chatbots swiftly answer questions, freeing up hours in your workday for more important tasks. Here’s how we help you get there:

Import Resources

Enter the resources you want your chatbot to learn from, such as documents, websites, and spreadsheets. Add as many as you like, in any language.

Customize and Integrate

Personalize every aspect of your chatbot, from visual style to conversational logic. Then share via link or integrate with your site with a simple embed code.

Analyze and Refine

Review chat interactions to gain insights and refine your chatbot’s accuracy for an ever-improving user experience. Export chat transcripts for further analysis.


Free for 1 public chatbot (100 questions/month) or $4/month for 5 public chatbots (500 questions/month).