About me

Hi guys! I am a workaholic during the day and a dad after get off work. I am the webmaster of this website. An old Internet player who had to learn for work fell in love with learning chatgpt without knowing it. I insist on learning CHATGPT related knowledge and testing various AI tools every day, and share my learning success on this website. My goal is to become an excellent prompt engineer!

By the way, you can call me Liuyong or GuGe 🙂

About the site:

The purpose of building this website is to give yourself a place to record and summarize after learning, to collect good AI content and tools that you usually see or use about AI tools, and share them with friends who are also in need. It would be perfect to meet some like-minded friends.

In order to better collect AI tools, I changed a template that is more suitable for navigation, and added the CHATGPT GPT application category.2024.1.15

In January 2024, the website traffic exceeded 6K, indicating that the previous efforts were not in vain. Recently, we have received some requests for advertising.So I have added some advertising spaces on the website. If you need it, please contact me. The price will definitely satisfy you.

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Any question? Just email me [email protected]