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Helicone is an open-source observability platform that helps users better understand their GPT-3 application.


Observability for yourGPT-3 application

Helicone is an open-source observability platform that helps users better understand their GPT-3 application. It allows users to track usage, costs, and latency metrics with just one line of code. The platform is backed by Y Combinator and provides advanced analytics, alerts, and a Stripe integration for automatic billing. Additionally, Helicone can detect toxicity, bias, and adversarial attacks to the model and export metrics to other tools like Looker and Mixpanel.

With Helicone, businesses can focus on building their product rather than worrying about building and maintaining their own analytics solution for GPT-3.

The easiest way to monitor your LLM-applications at scale

Join thousands of developers and companies who have streamlined theirLLM-powered application infrastructure with Helicone’s solutions.

Monitoring has never been easier

Designed to work out of the box, Helicone provides meaningful insights that help you understand your applications performance in real-time.

Any model, any scale

We support any provider and model, as well as fine-tuned models. All with sub millisecond latency and query times.

Support for all models

Our custom-built mapper engine and gateway allows us to support any model from any provider.

Built for scale

We meticulously designed Helicone to support millions of requests per second with no latency impact.

Purpose-built tooling for LLM developers.

Everything you need to build, deploy, and scale your LLM-powered application

  • Custom Properties:Easily segment requests.

  • Caching:Save time and money.
  • Rate LimitingProtect your models from abuse.
  • Retries:Retry failed or rate-limited requests.
  • Feedback:Identify good and bad requests.
  • Vault:Securely map your provider keys.
  • Jobs:Visualize chains of requests.
  • GraphQL:ETL your data to your favorite apps.
  • Alerts:Get notified on important events.


Free for the basic essentials (Up to 1,000 requests per month). $50/month for up to 50,000 requests per month.