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Abe AI

Artificial intelligence to enhance your customers’ digital banking experience


What’s with “Abe”?

Our name is a tip of the high hat to someone who epitomized humility, wisdom, honesty and compassion – former United States President Abraham Lincoln. offers pre-built Virtual Financial Assistants or a Conversational AI Platform to financial institutions to engage customers in their preferred language and channels. Their AI technology is focused on improving financial wellness for consumers and operational efficiency for financial institutions.

The Virtual Financial Assistant simplifies customers’ financial journeys, while the Conversational AI Platform allows financial institutions to own their AI roadmap and leverage AI for better customer experiences and operational efficiency. Their AI technology also includes personalized natural language understanding, native finance intelligence, AI compliance, and advanced machine learning techniques for more robust and natural dialogue with customers. INFORMS

We believe strongly in educating financial institutions on Artificial Intelligence. Advanced machine learning and data science are slated to be the backbone of financial institutions, yet most executives are still confused by their value proposition. DELIVERS

From the first interaction to your day-to-day deployment meetings, prides itself on being one of the best AI companies by delivering innovation following our values of communication, initiative, and transparency. INNOVATES

Whether it’s a new approach to teaching machines to understand natural language or the ability to scale those algorithms,’s team has a deep passion for elegant solutions to complex problems.