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Smarter Real Estate Decisions With AI,Where, When, and for How much


What is ZipSmart?

ZipSmart is an AI-driven real estate tool that provides forecasts and analytics for making smarter real estate decisions. It offers interactive tools for sellers, buyers, investors, and renters to anticipate market trends and plan ahead.

How to use ZipSmart AI

1. Sign up for a ZipSmart account.
2. Choose the appropriate plan based on your real estate needs.
3. Access the AI-driven forecasts and analytics for your desired location(s).
4. Use the interactive tools to analyze supply, demand, economic conditions, and other key indicators.
5. Make informed decisions based on the insights provided by ZipSmart.


How well will your zip code weather the storm? When is the best time to sell? What’s the Real Estate sentiment in your state? Anticipate and plan ahead.

Stay one step ahead of the market, time the bottom and plan your next purchase with the help of AI.

Identify the neighborhoods where prices will boom. Time the bottom of the housing crash and price your properties to sell with forethought.

When is the best time to renew your lease? Identify where and when rents will decline. Checkout the rental forecast.

Gain access to Macro and micro real estate trends of 50 states, 3000+ counties and 27,000+ Zip codes with 5 months price forecast and interactive maps.

Take the emotions out of the biggest financial decision of your life. In this crash, let AI be your guide.