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Simple education xyz is a website that offers educational resources and tutorials on a variety of subjects, including math, science, history, and language arts.


What is

AI Lens – use your camera to learn about the world around you! is like “Duolingo + Wikipedia meets Generative AI”.

We are a fun, social, and casual learning app where you can nurture your curiosities every day.

Create fun learning courses on the fly (our AI creates it for you…) or get inspired by what your friends are learning in your personalized learning feed.

From history to politics, from biology to physics. Dive into literally any topic since artificial intelligence helps you create the course for you.

– Unraveling the Secrets of Blue Zones: The Land of Longevity

– Wine and Cheese: A French Love Story

– Succulent Growing 101: A Fun Guide

– Unfolding the Fun History of Origami

– Oktoberfest 101: A Fun Guide for First-Timers

We make learning the fun habit it should be. Thanks to “Lumi”, your friendly octopus friend in charge of a powerful AI, you can now tickle any curiosity you may have and instantly generate a fun lesson, with a quiz included to test your knowledge. Features

  • AI-generated lessons
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Personalized learning experience user cases

Students wanting to learn in a fun way

Curious individuals seeking knowledge

Teachers looking for interactive lesson materials