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What is Netus AI?

NetusAI is a powerful paraphrasing tool that utilizes fine-tuned AI models to generate unique, high-quality content in minutes. With its undetectable AI paraphraser, it can bypass AI detectors and provide plagiarism-free paraphrased texts. It offers various paraphrasing and summarization models to cater to different needs and supports up to 150,000 words per request. NetusAI is suitable for digital marketers, content marketers, founders, SEO specialists, copywriters, and bloggers. The pricing options include a free trial, as well as different tiers for varying usage needs. Partner and affiliate programs are also available.


Discover the features of Netus AI. From its summarization and text paraphrasing abilities, to AI detection and bypassing features, we’ll go over the pricing structure and find out how it stacks up against ChatGPT. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of Netus AI’s pros and cons and its place in the AI paraphrasing landscape!

NetusAI paraphrasing tool

  • Unlock the power of AI-driven content marketing
  • Generate unique, high-quality content in minutes
  • One-click paraphrasing or summarizing

Move undetected like a ghost with AI detector and AI bypasser

Netus AI detector is designed to identify and differentiate between human-written and AI-generated content with 99% probability. We’re utilizing the same advanced technology employed by Turnitin. It evaluates textual patterns, context, syntax, and semantics which helps to identify differences of AI-generated content. As AI content generation evolves, we continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Suitable for all kinds of creators

Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers Create an abundance of copy for your ad and landing page tests.

Content Marketers

Increase your content output substantially with our tools.


Acquire a personal AI writer. Produce material quicker.

SEO Specialists

Our suite of tools will help you create more persuasive meta content and blog topic ideas.


Generate more persuasive copy for your marketing material and products.


We’ve got you covered. Increase your blogging output with our web app.

ChatGPT watermark remover

OpenAI has already experimented with watermarking and built a prototype, according to Scott Aronson, an AI genius. My main project so far has been a tool for statistically watermarking the outputs of a text model like GPT. Basically, whenever GPT generates some long text, we want there to be an otherwise unnoticeable secret signal in its choices of words, which you can use to prove later that, yes, this came from GPT. We want it to be much harder to take a GPT output and pass it off as if it came from a human.