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Paraphrasing AI

Paraphraser is a free paraphrasing tool that helps you rephrase text, sentences, and paragraphs with AI algorithms to express ideas in your own words.


What is Paraphrasing AI

The AI ​​paraphrasing tool offers ten predefined modes, including free, creative, and academic modes, as well as customizable tones. These modes allow users to tailor the tool to their specific writing needs for academic, professional, or creative purposes. By improving clarity and flow, this tool ensures that your writing is presented at its best and conveys your messages and ideas effectively.

Why use

Our paraphrase tool has many unique features to help you rewrite your thoughts.

1. Choose out of 8 predefined modes for paraphrasing offers ten predefined modes for rephrasing given text in input box. You can choose the mode that suits your needs. For instance, the “academic” mode will rephrase the text in an academic tone.

2. Paraphrase tool allows to paraphrase recorded audio

Our paraphrasing tool can rephrase recorded words. The AI-powered features extract text from the recorded audio and convert it into written text before paraphrasing. Once the audio is extracted, the tool rephrases the text.

3. Use speech to text feature to rephrase words in-real time

Our paraphrase tool has a unique feature that allows you to rephrase speech in real time. To use this feature, click on the “speech to text” option in the input box. Speak your message, and once you are finished speaking, click on the paraphrase button to rephrase your words.

4. Choose a custom tone for your message to sound professional

In addition to modes, selecting tones provides you with more options to express your intended messages in a more personalized manner. You can choose from “professional”, “witty”, “formal”, and “informal” tones.

5. Paraphraser will paraphrase text in screenshots and images

Our AI platform allows you to upload text screenshots. If you have images of notes, essays, or content that needs to be rephrased, simply upload them on Then click the paraphrase button to get them rewritten with just one click.

6. Select the suitable synonym from AI-powered thesaurus

Click on any word in the output box to choose the best synonym in the given context. The AI-powered thesaurus provides synonym suggestions that are closest to the context to maintain the original meaning of the sentence.

7. Understand what you are writing while paraphrasing

Our AI paraphraser also provides the definition of the word and its usage in sentences. Double click on any word in output box and you will get its detailed definition. This feature enables writers to have a better understanding of what they are writing, rather than solely relying on AI paraphrasing.

8. AI-powered search engine to find the refrences online

Our paraphraser has a built-in research panel that helps writers find references online. Additionally, this feature allows writers to read summaries and preview online articles. To use this feature, click on “research panel” button in the top right corner of the tool.

Who is this paraphrasing tool designed for?


Paraphrase tool helps students get better at writing. It changes hard sentences and makes tough ideas easier.


The tool helps writers make their writing easier to understand. It also helps them remove repeated ideas and keep a steady style in their articles and stories.


Our paraphraser helps bloggers to write engaging and easy-to-understand content for their readers. Our product do this by making complex ideas simple and keeping the same tone.


Marketers can change their marketing messages to reach their target audiences better. This helps them to increase sales and make more people aware of their brand.


AI-powered paraphraser tool helps professionals with their reports, proposals, and presentations. It makes the text easier to understand by changing and rearranging the words.


Our paraphrasing tool helps researchers make their work better. It changes difficult words in articles into simple ones. This way, everyone can understand them.