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The supercharged AI writer for books, novels, and screenplays that writes, edits, and visualizes your story.


What is Squibler?

Squibler is an AI-powered writing software designed for authors and screenwriters. It not only enhances writing speed and quality but also transforms text into vivid story visuals.

AI built for writing stories.

Squibler’s AI writer solves problems common and unique to every story writer. These are just a few:
AI-Assisted Writing. Use our robust AI writer tool to generate story ideas, enhance character development, write grammatically correct sentences, overcome writer’s block, and write books and screenplays with unprecedented speed.

How does Squibler’s AI work?

Using advanced machine learning, Squibler generates text that cohesively builds upon previous chapters and the author’s input. Whether it’s intensifying paragraphs, mimicking a writing style, or generating complementary visuals, Squibler enriches your story and allows you to finish it faster..

How to write a novel with Squibler?

Begin by defining your novel’s theme, select a template if desired, and use Squibler’s AI to craft story elements. As the story unfolds, Squibler’s various AI-assisted features help refine and visualize the narrative, making novel writing a seamless experience.

Squibler Features

  • Dangerous Prompts
  • Plot Generator
  • AI Script Writer
  • AI Story Generator
  • AI Script Generator
  • AI Novel Writer
  • AI Book Writer