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Use AI to create highly personalised cold emails or Linkedin messages that convert readers to customers. No experience needed. Find leads, create tailored personalised...


What is smartwriter ai

Smartwriter is an AI-powered tool that generates thousands of personalized emails, including personalized icebreakers, contextual pitches, and more within minutes. It automates the research and copywriting process to create punchy, personalized cold emails for sales or backlinks at scale.

Smartwriter is ideal for B2B sales and LinkedIn personalization, and its personalized messages are built with proven conversion systems to increase reply rates.

How Smartwriter Works

Automate Hours of Research

We automate your entire research and copywriting process in seconds so you can send emails that convert in 1 click

Send Personalised Emails in 1 click

We find and use your prospect’s online data to create punchy personalised cold emails for sales or backlinks at scale

Hit industry-shattering reply rates

Our personalised messages are built with proven conversion systems that convince your prospects to take action

What is SmartWriter for?

B2B Sales

We’ll search for Podcasts, Interviews, Articles, Medium blogs and 42 more data sources to create a unique contextual message that grabs their eyes

Social Personalization

We find unique points from your prospect’s Job bio, job profile or posts & create a complimenting personalised message

Deep Researched Cold Emails

We use your prospects’ case studies, awards, news articles or blogs to create wallet opening emails

Smartwriter ai Pricing

Smartwriter offers a 7-day free trial without the need for a credit card. Montly subscription starts from $49 (billed annually).

Never waste time researching or writing ‘personalised’ emails again. Automate your entire outreach process. 40x faster and 6x cheaper than humans.