what is PatentPal AI

PatentPal uses generative AI to automate mechanical writing in patent applications. The process is simple and intuitive: users can drop a document into the browser to input claims, generate specifications and figures with one click, and export drafts into Word and Visio (or PowerPoint).

The platform generates flowcharts, block diagrams, and detailed descriptions for figures, as well as an abstract and summary to support all claims. Users can customize generated phrases and create multiple profiles.

Generative AI for Intellectual Property

Automate mechanical writing in your patent applications

Simple and intuitive

1. Drop a document into the browser to input your claims
2. Generate spec and figures with one click
3. Export draft into Word and Visio (or PowerPoint)

What we generate:

1. Flowcharts for methods
2. Block diagrams for systems and devices
3. Detailed descriptions of generated figures
4. Abstract and summary to support all claims

Using your language

Customize generated phrases according to your own preferences and see the specification update in real time. Create multiple profiles and instantly switch between them.