UX Brain Reviews:Your AI-powered Sidekick for UX Research

About UX Brain

Your AI-powered Sidekick for UX Research,UX Brain helps you effortlessly uncover actionable insights from your user research.

UX Brain Reviews:Your AI-powered Sidekick for UX Research

UX Brain is an AI assistant that helps UX designers effortlessly transcribe, generate concise summaries, and uncover actionable insights from user research. UX Brain hosts a number of AI tools, such as direct ChatGPT integration for summarizing research data. These tools enable developers to get valuable user research and insights, in turn allowing them to deliver a better experience to their user base.

Powered by GPT3

Generate summary and insights.Turn your raw data into concise summaries and actionable insights.

  • Say goodbye to time-consuming manual analysis
  • Transition to smart & efficient analysis with GPT3

Accurate AI Transcription

Transcribe audio and video files.No more sifting through hours of recordings.

  • Upload your audio or video files and let UX Brain transcribe them for you.
  • View the transcript, listen to the audio, or jump to a specific paragraph in the player – all in one place.
  • Swiftly navigate through transcripts with powerful search pinpointing crucial insights in seconds.

Gain valuable contextual understanding

Trace back insights to the origin

Easily trace back specific insights within the transcript.

  • Simply select a text from the summary or insights and click on “Find” button to trace
  • Seamlessly connect the dots and gain valuable contextual understanding.

Multi-language support

6+ languages support

Wherever your research takes you, we’ve got the language support covered.

  • Multi language transcription, and insights generation.
  • We support English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Interview collection

Project-level Analysis

Don’t get lost in individual interviews, take the bird’s-eye view.

  • Generate overall insights and analyze multiple interviews all in one place.
  • Take the bird’s-eye view and drive informed decision-making.

Contextual collaboration made easy

Context-driven conversations

Spark meaningful discussions right where they matter.

  • Comment directly on specific moments in your research audio or video.
  • Start conversations, share insights, tag team and make your research truly collaborative.
  • Search through comments to revisit important discussions.


How secure is UX Brain? Is my data safe?

Your data security is never an afterthought—it’s our utmost priority. We’ve built our platform using Bubble which leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data storage. Data is encrypted with AWS RDS’s AES-256 encryption. This means that your data isn’t just stored; it’s stored securely.
Furthermore, we have implemented stringent user-level privacy rules, ensuring that your data can only be accessed by your designated team members. This adds an additional layer of security and gives you full control over who can access your data.

Rest assured, at UX Brain, your data’s safety is our top priority. You can focus on your research while we take care of the security.

What languages does it work with?

We support a wide range of languages, including English (US, UK, AU), Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

How are the number of transcription minutes calculated, and when do they reset?

The number of transcription minutes is calculated based on the duration of the audio or video files transcribed. It resets at the beginning of each calendar month.

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