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Make every customer meeting count. Move the revenue needle

Improve your sales and customer success performance today. Record calls, review automated notes, key moments and insights


Goodmeetings is an AI-enabled video meeting assistant designed specifically for sales demos and improving revenue. It provides valuable customer intelligence, with features such as questionnaires, meeting highlights, summaries, playlists, and even buyer insights. Goodmeetings allows you to easily review customer interactions and coach your teams for optimal performance.

Call Recording AI-Generated Summaries & Action Items High-Quality Transcriptions AI-curated moments Coaching Recording Playlist Call Analytics Sharing & Collaboration 24*7 Customer Support Advanced Security

Focus on customers, while your AI meeting assistant handles the rest

No more stress of note-taking and CRM updates. We record, transcribe and generate Human-level summaries & action items. And yes, we push it into Email, Slack, and CRM

We also serve in-call nudges to help you to present the best version of yourself

Review hour long meetings in a matter of minutes

Scrambling for recordings and updates on key deals / accounts? Easily search for specific recordings. Browse through summaries, topic mentions, behaviours & sentiment, and AI-picked Moments that matter

Review a 1 hour meeting in less than 5 min

Transform your meetings. Transform your revenue teams

Save deals and accounts at risk proactively by reviewing summaries and key moments. Collaborate by sharing coachable moments and customer feedback with the team and assigning actions

Coach your team on the right actions and behaviors armed with meeting insights. Develop winning playbooks

Collaborate and align efforts across teams for sales success


Understand the Voice of Customer to develop targeted messaging and generate more leads


Curate sales enablement content. Glean and share insights from meetings to improve processes. Optimize tech stack cost

Customer Success

Track success on customer onboarding and value realization. Proactively identify account growth and churn signals

Product & Engineering

Make decisions driven by data and the Voice of Customer to build products that delight customers

Plug your meetings into your workflows and favourite tools

No more manual updates across multiple systems. Set your revenue team up for success with
connected tools. Transform you Revenue organizations into a high performance team. Our summaries
and insights help you zone in where you need to focus to help your team, coach them or step in to help


Customer Reviews

I absolutely love the meeting summaries. They are better than anything I have seen so far. Experiencing this has been a beautiful aha moment for me

Goodmeetings is of immense help in understanding the sales rep’s skill set, extracting customer insights, and developing a sales playbook for new joinees

At Goodmeetings, we use the power of AI to transcribe your meetings, create action items, and seamlessly integrate with your workflow

Goodmeetings has revolutionized our customer conversations, providing valuable insights for personalized solutions and improved sales performance

Using Goodmeetings, we have been able to reach out to 1.6X more customers and generate 20% additional warm leads, thus making remote sales a scalable channel

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