CrawlQ Review:an AI content & audience research platform

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About CrawlQ

CrawlQ AI is an AI content & audience research platform that helps you research, plan, and engage with your audience to build brand loyalty. The tool features advanced AI capabilities, such as streamlining niche research, generating unique and engaging content, and even measuring the return on investment of your content marketing efforts. CrawlQ can identify topic clusters, generate new content ideas, run competitor analysis, and much more – giving your business an edge in the market.

CrawlQ Review:an AI content & audience research platform

Do you want to connect with Your Audience on a Deeper Level?

Enter Hypnotic Conversational AI – a powerful tool that can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and stand out from the crowd.

CrawlQ is an artificial intelligence software that helps businesses conduct market research and access search or social web data to gain insights into customer needs, behavior, and requirements from within a unified platform.

CrawlQ: Peering Into the Mind’s Eye of Your Audience Through AI’s Lens

CrawlQ’s Athena – Scaling actionable insights through computational MRX and predictive analytics to enable in-depth psychographic profiling that bridges data and emotion.

How does CrawlQ AI work?


Initiate Your Research

Provide basic campaign details so our AI can start uncovering insights.

CrawlQ Review:an AI content & audience research platform


Review the Analysis

CrawlQ’s AI generates a detailed analysis of your audience based on predictive modeling. 

CrawlQ Review:an AI content & audience research platform


Transform Insights into Impact

Use CrawlQ’s unique AI prompts to turn your research into high-converting messaging and creative.

CrawlQ is your Silver Bullet if any of the following holds TRUE for YOU!

  • How much time are you squandering trying to decode your target audience?
  • Are you losing sleep over looming product launch deadlines and unmet targets?
  • Have you experienced the sting of losing to competitors who seem to know your customers better than you do?

  • How many opportunities have slipped away due to ineffective marketing strategies?
  • Is the frustration of not reaching to the right audience gnawing at you?
  • Do you often find yourself lost in the competitive market due to lack of unique insights?

CrawIQ Features

Simplified Research

CrawlQ offers AI-powered audience research in a single click, eliminating the need for manual data collection and analysis.

Insight Discovery

Our tool uncovers hidden insights about your audience’s demographics, preferences, and behaviors, enabling you to craft personalized marketing strategies.

Team Empowerment

CrawlQ simplifies your workflow and provides your sales and marketing teams with the data they need to excel.

Precision and Quality

We prioritize quality. Our tool delivers precise insights, aiding in risk reduction and informed decision-making.

Efficiency and Savings

CrawlQ saves you time and money by automating the research process, allowing you to focus on crafting effective marketing strategies.


We’ve designed CrawlQ to be user-friendly, making your brand marketing process smoother and more efficient.

CrawlQ In Numbers: Transforming Businesses Through Generative AI

  • With over a decade of mastery in business intelligence and 5 pioneering years in Generative AI, we are spearheading the integration of AI into marketing and branding.
  • Our experience speaks for itself. We have proudly served over 8000 clients, including global powerhouses like Philips. Through our optimized strategies and efficient processes, we have saved these clients countless hours and generated over $60 million in (aggregated) revenue, fueling their business growth.
  • But our purpose extends beyond numbers. We are committed to ushering in the future of AI and using it to unlock new possibilities for businesses. Our generative technology synthesizes human creativity with machine learning, producing groundbreaking marketing solutions tailored to each client.
  • At our core, we are driven by a passion for innovation. We push the boundaries of what’s possible in order to help our clients realize their full potential. When you partner with us, you gain more than services and solutions – you gain a team that will work tirelessly to transform your business through the power of Generative AI.

CrawlQ FAQ

I doubt the quality is as good as they are saying it

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product. We use advanced technology and rigorous testing to ensure it meets high standards.

The learning curve is long. I won’t know how to use it once I place an order

We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you can effectively use our product.

What happens if it doesn’t work for me?

We stand by our product and offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’re committed to making it right.

I doubt it will work for me

We have numerous success stories and case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of our product. Plus, we offer a free consultation to ensure our product is the right fit for you.

The product is too expensive

We believe in providing value for money. Our pricing is competitive and reflects the quality and benefits you receive. Plus, we offer various plans to suit different budgets and needs.

How can I use this product to get the result I want?

With CrawlQ, you can effortlessly tap into the subconscious mindstates of your target audience. By inputting basic details about your campaign and product, CrawlQ’s AI-driven platform conducts deep market research, providing you with insights that help craft marketing messages that resonate deeply with your audience.

It’s like having a dedicated market research team, but faster, more efficient, and tailored to your specific needs. It’s as simple as initiating your campaign, guiding the AI with seed inputs for precise, predictive niche research, and then transforming that research into high-impact content using pre-set AI prompts

Why is this better than what I’m currently using?

Traditional market research tools often focus on surface-level data or require extensive manual effort. CrawlQ, on the other hand, leverages advanced AI to delve into the deeper, often subconscious, preferences and behaviors of your audience.

This means you’re not just getting data; you’re getting actionable insights that can drive more effective marketing strategies, leading to better engagement and conversion rates. CrawlQ uses AI to streamline audience persona research, providing precise, actionable insights that help you create content that genuinely resonates with your audience.

Why is this better than everything else on the market?

CrawlQ stands out because it’s not just another data analytics tool. It’s a comprehensive solution that combines the power of AI with deep psychological insights, offering a unique perspective into your audience’s desires and motivations. While other tools might give you numbers and trends, CrawlQ provides a roadmap to your audience’s heart and mind, allowing you to craft messages that don’t just inform but resonate and captivate.

CrawlQ is the only tool that reveals hidden audience preferences, making it a must-have for crafting precise audience personas and enabling high-value, high-impact brand storytelling. It’s trusted by over 8,000 businesses and offers a freemium plan and a 30-day money-back guarantee, showing the confidence they have in their product.

Turn these perceived weaknesse into strengths with CrawlQ

Leadership Empowerment

CrawlQ’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive support engagement model make it easy for senior managers to embrace AI in their workflows.

Real-World Validity

CrawlQ’s AI-driven research is grounded in real-world data, ensuring its findings are applicable and valid.

Robust Validation

CrawlQ’s advanced real-world fine-tuned AI models allow for reliable comparison of AI outputs with traditional market research-baed outputs.

Balanced Dependency

CrawlQ promotes a balanced approach, combining AI’s efficiency with human insight, ensuring standards are upheld.

Demystifying AI

CrawlQ’s transparent processes help dispel the ‘black box’ perception of AI, building trust and understanding.

Broad Data Application

CrawlQ’s AI can analyze both niche-specific and broad data, ensuring wide applicability of research findings.

Humanized Engagement

CrawlQ’s AI-generated insights are presented in a relatable manner, ensuring they are engaging and easily understood.

Encouraging Critical Thinking

CrawlQ’s AI tools are designed to supplement, not replace, human intellect, encouraging critical thinking.

Expertise Verification

CrawlQ’s sophisticated fine-tuned AI toolkits for market research are designed to enhance the skills of genuine researchers, minimizing misrepresentation risks.

Bridging the Education Gap

CrawlQ offers comprehensive education on the proper use of AI in market research, addressing the industry’s education gap.

CrawlQ pricing plans


A must-have for SMB Solopreneurs & Freelancer Marketers to develop Thought Leadership Content using advanced Audience Persona Research, Unique Insights, and Key Trends



A must-have for Startup Founders looking for Product Market Fit, Niche Discovery, Thought Leadership, Brand Positioning, and Strategic Content Sweet Spot using AI-powered Audience Persona Research Technology



A must-have for Growth Consultants, Brand & Content Strategists looking for actionable AI-powered insights to deepen their target market or discover new growth opportunities to scale their clients’ business using advanced niche research and customer journey mapping.



Collaborate Contextually with your Team and Clients to Build and Scale Your Agency. Seamlessly onboard your clients, stage their research and content workflows, and launch your Marketplace and DONE FOR YOU (DFY) services.


Embark on an Exciting Journey with CrawlQ

Our Roadmap to the Power of AI for Market Research


With CrawlQ, we’re looking forward to automating many market research workflows in the next three years, significantly enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Data Handling

Our AI capabilities will allow swift analysis of extensive documentation, from lengthy transcriptions to detailed presentations, saving you valuable time.

Analysis & Interpretation

CrawlQ aims to provide a clean separation between analysis and interpretation, allowing for more focused and precise research.


Leveraging the agility of AI, we’re committed to delivering rapid research results, accelerating your decision-making process.


CrawlQ is designed to handle high-volume data processing tasks with ease, ensuring you never miss critical insights.

Quality Control

We’re enhancing our quality checks for large transcripts to ensure more accurate and reliable results.


Our future roadmap includes the introduction of interactive charts and graphs for more intuitive data interpretation.

Bridging Gaps

CrawlQ is set to blur the lines between qualitative and quantitative research, offering a holistic research approach.

Simulations & Scenarios

We’re working on simulating various market scenarios, from customer communities to pricing, offering predictive insights.

Media Mapping

CrawlQ will soon be able to trace a customer’s journey across multiple media channels, providing a comprehensive user behavior profile.

Qual Surveys

We’re developing AI-driven qualitative surveys to provide in-depth insights with less human intervention.

Image & Video Analysis

By leveraging computer vision, CrawlQ will soon be able to analyze visuals, offering detailed interpretations.

Set Sail with CrawlQ: Your Trusted Partner in AI-Powered Market Research

With these advancements on our roadmap, we’re excited about the future of CrawlQ and the value it will bring to our users.

Just reach out to us in case you are interested to know more about any specific capabilities on our roadmap.

Experience the Power of Innovation in CrawlQ:

Our Newly Added Advanced Feature Set for Every Plan is Now Live!

Enhanced Brand Personality & Donald Miller StoryBrand Support:

This feature empowers your brand by helping you create a unique voice and personality. It aids in crafting a compelling Brand Script and website wireframe that truly reflects your brand’s essence, making your brand more relatable and memorable to your audience.

Authority Mapping for Brand Topics:

This tool helps you identify and focus on the topics where your brand can shine. It guides your content and marketing efforts towards areas where you can establish your brand as an authority, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers.

Interactive Chat with PDF Support:

This feature enhances your communication by allowing you to share detailed information through PDF documents during interactive chats. It’s particularly useful for market research and crafting marketing messages, ensuring you provide comprehensive and accurate information to your customers.

Interactive Chat with CSV Support:

This feature enables you to share product and customer data in a user-friendly CSV format during interactive chats. It streamlines product support and allows for personalized customer-focused content, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Interactive Chat with Excel Support:

This feature allows for seamless sharing of metrics, performance data, and business analytics through Excel files during interactive chats. It provides you with a clear and concise view of your business performance, aiding in informed decision-making.

Interactive Chat with JSON Support:

This feature allows for efficient data sharing in JSON format from third-party external tools and APIs. It facilitates data-driven discussions, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Athena’s Integration with YouTube!

Supercharge your business with CrawlQ AI’s latest feature

Athena, our conversational AI bot, now analyzes YouTube data to provide you with a wealth of insights that can transform your content marketing strategy.

Athena’s Integration with Trello!

With CrawlQ’s AI Athena now integrated with Trello, you can streamline your workflows like never before.

Whether it’s managing projects, tracking sales pipelines, planning content calendars, or organizing events, Athena can pull relevant information from Trello cards, descriptions, task lists, and more, giving you a comprehensive overview at a glance.

Power Your Content with Brand Voice tailored to your Audience

A cutting-edge addition to our platform that will revolutionize the way you create content using brand voice!

Imagine being able to easily craft content that perfectly aligns with your brand identity, based on a wide range of criteria like Creative Goal, Audience Profile, Creative Theme, Tonality, Mimic Style, Personality, Type, Literary Devices, and Hypnotic NLP Techniques!

With CrawlQ, you get:

  • Instant Audience Persona Research Save months of work with just a few clicks. Our AI does the heavy lifting.

  • Psychographic Segmentation & Profiling Understand who your audience really is and what motivates them.

  • Predictive Analytics & Market Intelligence Go beyond surface-level data to reveal the ‘why’ behind your audience’s choices.

  • Content Strategy Optimization Translate insights into high-converting messaging and creatives.

CrawlQ Audience Research:Target the Right Audience using the Predictive Intelligence

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