Colors AI Reviews:customer intelligence platform

About Colors AI

Colors AI is a customer intelligence platform that automatically gathers, analyzes, and categorizes your customer feedback from multiple sources. It’s designed to help companies prioritize product development based on customer needs.

Colors AI Reviews:customer intelligence platform

Key features of Colors AI

  • Integrates with customer service, sales, email, project management, and other systems to aggregate feedback
  • Uses NLP to tag and categorize unstructured feedback data
  • Identifies trends, anomalies, and insights in customer conversations
  • Enables segmentation of feedback by customer cohort

See Endless Shades

Customers Are Not Constants, They’re Spectrums.

An average tech company handles more than 50 customer segments at any time.
We categorize their feedback, identify distinct cohorts, and measure potential impact against business metrics.

Move With The Market

Figure out what your customers actually want before they leave. Never wait for a reply from your CS team again.

Surface Up The Good Stuff.Disregard The Rest.

Focus on feedback from users that matter, and skip the ones that are more noise than clarity.

We’re changing how companies measure impact from conversational data

We’re Well-Connected

Integrate your customer-facing tools for ongoing reactive analysis:


Pull in all customer conversations with customer service agents


Connect Slack to get notified about alerts, trends and anomalies across all channels


Get insight from the Pre-sale calls about competitors, concerns and most requested features


Understand the impact of the customer feedback on your revenue with Hubspot


Seamlessly connect your team’s emails conversations


Integrate tickets for better understanding the volume of specific clusters


Track revenue and feedback coming from specific cohorts


Get insight from support teams with intercom

CSV Upload

Simply upload your CSV files

Customer Reviews

Using Colors-Ai can save  hours of manual tagging customer feature requests

I STRONGLY recommend it to EVERYONE interested in analyzing customer feedback at scale

Colors-Ai can help companies react faster to market needs and decrease the iterations confidently by spotting emerging feedbacks in real-time

Colors-Ai really helps us to put the dollar amount on specific feature requests

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