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About Sprig AI

Sprig is a product building insights tool that helps teams quickly get feedback from their users to build better experiences and apps. It allows you to easily create targeted surveys, record user sessions, and test prototypes. Sprig’s AI analysis automatically surfaces insights for you so you can identify issues and opportunities within your product.

Sprig AI

Build a Product People Love

Launch targeted Surveys, Replays, and Prototype Tests in minutes to collect relevant insights from the right users.

Drive product success with the power of user insights


Boost product adoption

Surface and solve pain points in your core flows before they become problems.


Drive engagement

Learn what your users love, hate, and want to see next in your product.


Eliminate costly churn

Identify user behavior patterns that lead to churn and learn how to reduce them.

Improve your product experience across the entire lifecycle


Understand why users do what they do

Launch real-time surveys and learn from specific users directly in your product.


Find and fix where your users get stuck

Record targeted clips of specific user sessions alongside their in-product feedback.


Release new features with confidence

Run browser-based user testing on designs built in Figma, Adobe XD, and more.


Turn user feedback into product actions

Leverage GPT-powered AI Analysis to surface product issues and opportunities in real time.

Make smarter product decisions by integrating user insights across your stack


Learn from specific users using your product data.


Uncover the “why” behind your product analytics.


Enhance A/B test results with user sentiment data.


Share learnings where your team collaborates.

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