SessionStack AI Review:Session replay, but make it AI

About SessionStack AI

SessionStackAI is an AI-powered session replay tool that helps you optimize user experiences with ease. It provides quick summaries of long session replays so you can see user journeys in less time. The AI also generates actionable recommendations on improving key pain points to boost conversions.SessionStack is a platform designed to allow developers to see their web app defects through a user’s eyes. It allows to developers to identify, understand and reproduce problems in web applications.

User Session Replays

SessionStack just got its own integrated generative AI capability that will condense session replays into short summaries. Now, you can have complete visibility of your users’ experiences in less time, paired with recommendations on how to improve the user journey.

Meet SessionStackAI

Everything starts with tagless autocapture

SessionStack records the entire session through tagless autocapture and then recreates the user experience in a pixel-perfect session replay.

  • Installation takes under 2 minutes
  • No impact on your product’s performance
  • Works for web-based apps and hybrid mobile apps
  • Built with privacy in mind

And now it has AI.

SessionStackAI steps in to save you time

Pin down a problematic session, load the replay panel, and hit the Get Summary button. In just a few sentences, you’ll have an overview of the most important parts of even the longest sessions – paired with insightful recommendations on how to improve the user journey. 

With SessionStackAI, you’ll be one step closer to the perfect user experience. Get ready for more conversions, sky-high engagement, and less churn!

What are SessionStack’s core features?

Our industry-first AI capability – SessionStackAI is backed up by best-in-class session replay, instrumentation-free conversion funnels, user segmentation & segment trends, and error monitoring. SessionStack also offers co-browsing and live session collaboration. To put it simply:

  • AI-enhanced session data processing that gives you actionable conversion rate optimization tips
  • Auto capture of session data, covering iframes (same or cross-origin) & pop-ups
  • Zero performance impact for the end user and the app
  • Sensitive data management, data masking, network requests scrubbing, etc.
  • Private by default


What is a user session?

A session starts once a user lands on a page within your product and ends whenever there is a period of user inactivity longer than 30 minutes. The session includes the user’s actions such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, scroll and navigation events across multiple browser tabs, along with a technical data snapshot at each browser state change, containing errors and network requests. In case the user revisits your product after a 30-min period of inactivity, their actions will be recorded as a new session

What is included in the Free plan?

The Free plan includes access to all the features currently available in our platform, along with 1500 sessions per month. Once the session limit is reached you will be prompted to upgrade your plan and capture more sessions or continue free and limit session capture to 1500 monthly.

What kind of apps, iframes and pop-ups are covered?

SessionStack works on all web or hybrid applications. Any multiple-page or single-page app, built on React, Angular, or any other JS framework. SessionStack covers same or cross-origin iframes & pop-ups too.

What is the data retention period?

For hosted (in the cloud) subscription plans, all session history and analytical data are stored according to the plan, after which older sessions get deleted. Get in touch if you’d like to extend your plan’s data retention period. For on-premises plans, you can define the period for which user sessions will be stored.

Do you offer training and onboarding?

We’ll help your team get onboarded with SessionStack and start immediately reaping the benefits of our solution. Already a customer? Get in touch to set up a training session for your team.

How SessionStack manages end-user data protection and sensitive data?

SessionSack masks by default any Personal identifiable information, such as passwords, payment methods, etc and it does not leave the user’s browser. You can automatically mask all input fields, chose to mask videos or images by their CSS class, or add a special CSS class to limit data capture. You can also limit network requests that SessionStack tracks. Learn more about how we manage sensitive data.

GDPR, HIPAA compliance

SessionStack has built-in features that help you comply with GDPR, such as the ability to delete users and form captures, discard IP addresses, and let end-users opt-out of session recording. SessionStack’s data is encrypted in compliance with the Privacy Rule within HIPAA Title II. Plus, you can choose to process and store data on your own servers. 

Customer Reviews

“Excelence experience”

What do you like best about SessionStack?

Overall, SessionStack is a powerful tool for our UX designers and UX researchers and can help them streamline the debugging process and improve the quality of our platform. SessionStack solves our significant problem of tracking user behavior and recording video with content embedded inside an iframe. Not all of the comparative tools can do it properly. It is also easy to send specific customer parameters to SessionStack that help us filter particular segments.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about SessionStack?

From an administrative perspective, SessionStack could be better. I do not have direct access to my payment history and generated invoices. I need to ask their Support team by email to send me a new invoice each month after payment. Automating generation invoices should be a standard nowadays.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is SessionStack solving and how is that benefiting you?

SessionStack solves our significant problem of tracking user behavior and recording video with content embedded inside an iframe. Not all of the comparative tools can do it properly.

“Very important tool in our bussines”

What do you like best about SessionStack?

I like SessionStack for helping me make the right decision in my job. I’m UX Designer, and I need to have a solid foundation for making the right design decisions. This tool is beneficial to me because I can see with my own eyes what users of my product do with it. I can quickly check what operation system, browser, and browser version they use. Also, I can find recordings with errors and check what went wrong.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about SessionStack?

I really dislike this new tab – “Segments”, I’m still very confused by it, and I can’t figure it out (I miss the old version). Sometimes I forget to turn off the recording, and then, after just a few days – the recording limit is reached. I would really appreciate, for example, an email that says – “You are almost out of the recording limit.”Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is SessionStack solving and how is that benefiting you?

SessionStack is helping me with keeping things under control. When I release a new feature to my product, I carefully watch how my users deal with it. I can’t imagine that I cannot see how they are using our product.

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