Fillout Review:Import or create surveys in seconds with the first AI Survey Maker

About fillout AI Survey Maker

AI Survey Maker is a free tool by Fillout that lets you create professional surveys fast and easily using AI. Just describe your survey style and goals, and it will generate optimized questions and flows. Fillout makes it easy to customize and distribute your survey, and also offers tools to analyze the results.

Fillout Review:Import or create surveys in seconds with the first AI Survey Maker

Make a survey with AI

Import or create surveys in seconds with the first AI Survey Maker.

Enhance your surveys with AI

After you create a survey, our AI can suggest updates as needed.

Just indicate what you’d like to change.

Create unbiased questions

Improve the quality of your survey by letting our AIgenerate unbiased questions for you.

Perfect your designs

Fillout’s AI generates a form style that matches your brand, based on an image of your choice.

Fillout lowers the barrier for making surveys and makes data analysis straightforward. It’s a valuable tool for any researcher.

How it works

1.Select a survey type

Choose a pre-defined survey template or create your own custom survey from scratch.

2.Design the survey

Add questions and elements. Choose from multiple-choice, short-answer, and many more.

3.Distribute and collect responses

Share your survey through social media, email, or embed it in your website.

Frequently asked questions

How can I create a survey with AI?

To begin, select the survey creation mode that works best for you— through natural language description, predefined questions, or even importing from an existing survey platform. Configure your theme and layout, and our AI engine will help you generate your survey in minutes.

Is it possible to customize my AI-generated survey?

Absolutely! After generating your survey, you can modify it in Fillout’s Survey editor. Modify your survey with our drag-and-drop interface or use the AI assistant to enhance it further.

Do I have to pay to use the AI survey tool?

The basic features of the AI Survey Tool are available for free. For more advanced capabilities or for surveys with over 1000 responses per month, check out our premium plans.

Can I turn my survey into a poll or a quiz?Certainly!

We also offer an AI Quiz Builder and an AI Form Builder. You can easily convert your survey into a quiz or a poll with a few clicks.How can I import an existing survey?Click the “Import survey” option and choose Google Forms or Typeform. For other survey builders, contact [email protected].

Is it easy to share my AI-generated survey?

Yes. Each Fillout survey comes with a unique shareable link that you can distribute to your target audience. Additionally, you can embed the survey into your website for wider accessibility.

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