Olvy Reviews:Meets AI,your customer feedback

About Olvy

Build a continuous user feedback loop

Olvy is a feedback management tool designed for user-centric product teams. It can be used to help track, analyze, and act on user feedback, enabling you and your team to ship products faster and smoother while keeping everyone in the loop. With Olvy’s AI Copilot powered by OpenAI and GPT-4, product managers can gain deep actionable insights from customer feedback. Olvy offers a free plan to explore the tool and see if it will be a good fit for your business.

Olvy Reviews:Meets AI,your customer feedback

Get deep actionable insights on customer feedback with our AI Copilot for Product Managers, powered by OpenAI and GPT-4

What is Olvy?

Analyse, understand, (and even follow up) on user problems. Align everyone on the plan of action. Improve feature awareness and adoption with an announcements hub. Everything. Integrated in your workflow. Free to get started with.

Do you also spend hours organizing and analyzing feedback? There’s a better way. Olvy integrates with your Slack, Zendesk, Intercom, Hubspot, and everywhere your users are to bring all your user feedback in one place and analyze it all using AI

Make sure no customer goes unheard

Listen to your users everywhere they are

Olvy integrates with Twitter, Slack, E-mail, Discord and wherever else your customers live so you can make sure no pain-point goes unheard.

Collect feedback in-app with multiple feedback widgets

Olvy’s beautiful feedback widgets can be added to any page so you can collect feedback from different sections of your app in one place. Oh, and it’s completely customizable ?

Automate it all and save time

Save on manual work and let Olvy bring all your feedback automatically from Slack, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Play Store and others. It automatically detects what’s valuable and what’s just noise.

Build a central hub for all your user insights

The source-of-truth of your user insights accessible to your entire team so they have complete customer context on every feature

Meet our Olvy AI Copilot

Discover user pain-points with best-in-class AI

Summarize thousands of user feedback in one click

Unlock the essence of thousands of user feedback with the power of GPT-4

Get an emotional overview of your feedback

Analyze the sentiment of user feedback to determine what frustrates your users across different segments and cohorts

AI powered self-organization that feels like magic

Olvy AI Copilot organizes and tags your feedback by type, emotion, customers, revenue, and more so you can dive deeper into problems without spending hours every week

Identify the most impactful features for your roadmap

Our integrated approach allows you to efficiently process and prioritize user feedback so you learn what your users ‘truly’ need

Communicate issues to your team, and updates to your customers

add to roadmap

Integrate your project management tools, and take action based on key customer insights with just a few clicks.

close the loop

Build great relationships with your customers by closing the loop at the same place where you received their feedback. Your users will think you have superpowers.

publish to your changelog

Keep your customers updated on everything you release. Improve feature discovery, adoption, and build credibility.

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