Supernormal AI Reviews:AI–mazing meeting notes

About Supernormal AI

Supernormal is an AI meeting assistant that can automatically transcribe your meetings and generate shareable notes. It integrates with Google Meet and other platforms like Zoom to join calls and take notes for you. Some of the most useful features of Supernormal include highlighting important talking points, sharing notes to CRM/ATS tools, recording audio/video, and note-taking in multiple languages.


Pencils down.Supernormal has you covered.

Supernormal takes notes during your meeting and formats them automatically, for all different use cases, using secure AI.

Spend less time writing, polishing, and sharing notes and more time on the work only you can do.

AI–mazing meeting notes.

Automated note-taking for google meet or zoom

Supernormal AI Features


Connect with your existing tools and seamlessly integrate your workflows.

An illustration of software tools that Supernormal integrates with


Easily access and search your meeting notes in one centralized place.

An illustration of searching meetings


Keep track of all the action items that come out of a meeting.

An illustration of action items being checked off


Create custom templates that fit your personal style of note-taking.

An illustration of customizing a meeting note template


Share notes when a meeting ends—even send them automatically.

An illustration of sharing meeting notes in Supernormal

How will you use Supernormal?


Keep track of all the work that comes out of your meetings without doing more work.


Improve your team’s meetings and decrease meeting bloat while keeping everyone aligned.


Empower your teams to keep track and follow-up on work that happens across teams.

Plug into your workflow.

Compatible with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams using either the Chrome Extension or Supernormal Notetaker.

Supernormal AI Secure


Supernormal is SOC 2 certified and undergoes periodic security reviews.


Data in-transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2+ and at-rest using the industry standard AES-256 algorithm.

Access & Permissions

All content has permission rights and authentication requirements, enabling you to safely share your content.

Automatic & Secure Backups

Content is automatically and securely stored through cloud backups with advanced encryption and robust storage protocols.

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