MeetGeek AI:One single AI meeting assistant for all platforms

About MeetGeek AI

MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that provides a smarter way to manage and analyze your meetings. It records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides insights, freeing up your calendar and allowing you to focus on meaningful conversations. With advanced features and simple usability, MeetGeek can help you uncover blind spots, capture essential information, keep your team in sync, and measure your meeting engagement. If you or your team host regular meetings, this tool is sure to save you time and allow you to actually focus on the meeting at hand, rather than having to manually take notes!

MeetGeek AI:One single AI meeting assistant for all platforms

MeetGeek AI

One single AI meeting assistant for all platforms

Maximize the value of your hiri|

Automagically video record, transcribe, summarize, and share personalized insights from every meeting to any tool.

Meeting Productivity. Reimagined.

AI Meeting Minutes

Get an AI meeting summary that includes action items and highlights the most important topics for you. Save time by never having to write follow-up notes again.

Focus on meaningful conversations.

Make every meeting productive and collaborative.

Forget about:

❌ The hassle of taking notes while someone is speaking
❌ Transcribing meeting minutes and manually sharing them with others
❌ Spending hours coordinating meeting decisions with teammates.

✅ MeetGeek automates everything for you!

Let AI handle meeting recaps for you

Automatically transform lengthy meeting recordings that no one actually re-watches into a brief summary of key topics.

With AI Meeting Minutes get:

  • Conversation summary written in human-like language;
  • One-paragraph outline of the meeting’s highlights;
  • Meeting transcript with timestamps for quick navigation;
  • Auto-tags for every action item, point of concern, or important detail.

Capture & share meeting insights

Your business relies on the information discussed during calls, such as sales quotes, customer feedback, tasks, and agreements. With just one click, create highlights from longer meetings and make these meeting insights easily accessible and shareable with your team.

Find any information from your past meetings

Store all your Zoom, Teams, and Google meeting notes in a single, searchable, secure location. You can also enrich your library by adding uploaded audio files and generating auto-transcripts.

With an easy keyword search, go back in time and recall any detail from your past meeting transcripts.

Share meeting takeaways across your company

Make it easy for your colleagues to stay in sync without having too many alignment meetings.

With MeetGeek, you can create teams and automatically share meeting recordings, summaries, or highlights with the departments you need to stay aligned with.

Or share meeting notes with your favorite apps, such as Notion, Trello, and Slack, and create a collaborative workspace there.

Measure and uncover your meetings’ weak points

Identify strengths and improvement opportunities for yourself and your team’s meetings. Drill down through teams, meeting types, participants and many more dimensions.

Measure meeting engagement, efficiency or burnout and use top class tips to improve over time.

Seamlessly integrate with your tool stack

Keep using your favorite tools while Meetgeek automatically syncs your client’s meeting content and key highlights with HubSpot and wherever else the team gets work done.

  • Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook
  • Document repos (e.g. GDrive)
  • Collaboration (e.g. Slack)
  • CRMs (e.g. HubSpot)
  • Task management (e.g. Trello)
  • 2000+ apps through Zapier

Built for multiple teams and roles

Enable your team to win more deals

Focus on high-quality conversations with prospects while meeting notes are automatically captured and synced into your CRM.

Coach yourself and your team with real life examples to Increase revenue per rep with 35% and reduce onboarding time with 50%.

Hire the best through engaging interviews

Focus on candidates competencies, not on taking notes.

Reduce hiring decision time by 40% by sharing the important moments with hiring managers.

Coach your team to ask the right questions during interviews.

Skyrocket your company’s productivity

Moving fast is critical for any company.  Level-up your game in customer calls, hiring and internal meetings with a few clicks.

Save up to 30% of your company’s collective time by cutting down unnecessary meetings while keeping your team in the loop.

Enable information sharing and break down silos between teams.

Increase customer retention & satisfaction rate

Capture and review insights from your customers calls and turn them into actionable improvements for your team.

Beat your Upsell & Cross-Sell goals

Coach and onboard your team faster.

Get first-hand data on customers’ needs

Discover what your customers actually want: browse the transcripts of your sales calls and tweak your ad copy and messaging accordingly.

Identify key topics from customer calls to get a better understanding of market demand and customer needs .

Redefine your Meeting Culture

MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that automatically video records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides key insights from every meeting.

Peace of mind.
Focused conversations.

Focus on having high-quality conversations while all important information is captured for you.

Free up your calendar.
Mandatory Optional meetings.

Turn meetings from mandatory to optional when you’re not an active participant. Skip the meeting and watch a summary later.

Uncover blindspots. Take immediate action.

Use meeting insights and tailored tips to understand where your meetings suffer and take immediate action.

MeetGeek AI FAQs

What happens to my recordings, and who can view them?

  • Your meetings are securely stored in a private AWS cloud environment.
  • We enforce end-to-end encryption both for data at rest and in transit, using state-of-the-art encryption protocols.
  • Nobody except you can access your data, unless you decide to share particular meetings with others.

How many languages do you support?‍

MeetGeek provides high accuracy for the English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages and supports a broad spectrum of other languages. Check out the full list of supported language.

How does MeetGeek work?

  • Meetgeek integrates seamlessly with your calendar.
  • It will automatically join your Zoom, Google Meet, or MS teams meetings, regardless if you are the host or not.
  • Notes and summaries are generated automatically for you and delivered to your inbox quickly after the call.

How accurate are the transcript and notes?

  • If you can make sense of it, Meetgeek will too. We provide state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology enabling high-quality video notes and transcripts.
  • Using proprietary NLP algorithms, we provide several magical out-of-the-box highlights.
  • You can also add your own and customize it according to your business or personal needs. More details here.

How does MeetGeek influence my productivity?

Don’t just take our words for it. Here is what our customers shared with us: 

  • Companies of different sizes save up to 30% of the collective time by skipping optional meetings and sharing meeting summaries;
  • Recruiters make hiring decisions 2x faster and onboard new team members much quicker;
  • Sales teams increase their win rate by up to 45% and decrease ramp-up time by 62%
  • Startups use MeetGeek to find product market fit 2x faster with recorded discovery calls and UX research.

‍How fast can I set up MeetGeek?

It takes just a few minutes to set up your MeetGeek account. Just connect your calendar and use the toggles to decide which meetings you want it to join.

Calendar data is mainly used for:

  • Enabling the bot to automatically join your scheduled meetings
  • Automatic sharing with teammates or customers (depending on your settings)
  • Meeting insights (e.g. the participation ratio in a meeting).

You can always turn Meetgeek off from any of your meetings. Check more details here.

Customer Reviews

Meetgeek provides us with an easy solution for everyone on the team to go over the transcription. Plus I really like their search feature to focus on a certain part of the transcription.

I’d been looking for a way to get all my meeting calls transcribed for the longest time.

Amazing service. I like that Meetgeek can be automatically synced to my different accounts for meetings and it is very easy to use.

The perfect safety net! I love the transcription feature. This feature has saved me countless times and will continue to do so. It allows us to keep everyone in the loop when someone misses a meeting.

Meetgeek note taker really helps me focus on my sales pitches instead of taking notes, and automatically keeps a word-by-word record of the conversation which is vital for follow-ups and helping me connect with prospects.

An absolute lifesaver. Shows up to meetings with or for me, records all notes for my review later – Don’t have to remember to hit record, never get details wrong or miss an action step!

A great way to record and transcribe video meetings, for Teams, Projects and Sales.

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