Wave AI:your personal AI note taker tools

About Wave AI

Wave is an AI-powered mobile app for iOS that acts as your personal note taker and transcriptionist. It can record audio, leverage AI to generate transcripts, and create customizable summaries – making it easy to capture and recall key information from lectures, meetings, appointments, and more. Wave’s standout feature is creating customizable summaries from recordings, condensing hours of content into concise overviews.

Wave AI:your personal AI note taker tools

Wave: Your AI Note Taker

Wave is your personal AI note-taker, turning lectures, business meetings, or doctor’s appointments into clear, concise notes on your iOS device. An essential tool for capturing and understanding critical information, anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent Summaries at Your Fingertips.

Wave goes beyond simple note-taking. It leverages AI technology to generate insightful summaries from your recordings. Whether it’s a brainstorming session, a college lecture, or a fitness instruction, Wave ensures you grasp the essence without sifting through hours of audio. It’s your key to efficiency and productivity, right in your pocket.

Unlimited On-the-Go Recording

With Wave’s dedicated iOS app, capture audio seamlessly wherever you are. It offers unlimited recording time, even with your screen off or while using other apps, making it your perfect on-the-go companion.

AI-Powered Transcriptions

Wave leverages best-in-class transcription APIs to transform your audio into precise text, eliminating the need for manual transcription.

Intelligent Summaries

Wave’s standout feature is its ability to generate insightful, AI-powered summaries. These succinct overviews of your recordings are fully customizable to your needs, making it even easier to digest the information.

Ride the AI Wave

Your thoughts, lectures, and meetings are transcribed with unmatched precision. AI-generated summaries of your recordings in seconds. It’s a personal scribe in your pocket.

  • Brainstorming SessionsCapture your brainstorming sessions with Wave. The transcriptions and summaries ensure that all creative ideas are documented for future reference.
  • Patient Medical VisitsKeep a precise health record by recording your consultations. Wave transcribes the details for you to refer back to later.
  • Workshops and SeminarsUtilize Wave at workshops and seminars for recording and transcribing the content. This allows for effective review and sharing with others post-event.
  • Fitness InstructionsRecord your personal training sessions or fitness classes with Wave. The transcriptions help you recall workout instructions accurately for your self-practice.
  • Walking MeetingsEnhance your outdoor meetings by recording your discussions with Wave. Transcriptions ensure no crucial points are lost amidst your walk.
  • College ClassesRecord your lectures using Wave. The transcriptions act as comprehensive study notes for exam preparation and review.


What is Wave?

Wave is an AI Note Taker that records, transcribes, and summarizes your audio recordings on your iOS device.

How does Wave work?

As an AI Note Taker, Wave records your audio, transcribes it into text, and then generates a succinct summary, all of which can be customized according to your needs.

Is there a limit on recording time?

The Free plan offers 30 minutes of recording per month. For more recording time, you can upgrade to the Standard plan for 5 hours per month or the Pro plan for unlimited recording.

How accurate are the transcriptions?

Wave uses AI technology to ensure high accuracy in transcriptions. However, the clarity of the recording can also impact accuracy.

How can I customize my summaries?

Once Wave has transcribed and summarized your audio, you can easily adjust the summary’s length or format within the app.

Can I use Wave while using other apps or with my screen off?

Yes, Wave can record in the background, allowing you to use other apps or even when your screen is off.

What about my privacy?

Wave prioritizes your privacy. Read more about our commitment to your privacy in our Privacy Policy.

Can I access Wave on multiple devices?

Currently, Wave is available as an iOS app and can also be run on MacOS or iPadOS. Your transcripts and summaries are available across all devices abd a web-based dashboard is coming soon.

What happens if I exceed my monthly recording limit?

If you exceed your monthly limit on the Free or Standard plan, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan to continue recording within that month.

How does wave AI work?

Wave is a platform that provides personalized coaching for professionals who want to grow and achieve their goals. Wave uses a combination of human coaches, advanced coaching science, technology and AI to create a tailored coaching experience for each client.

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