Podium AI:your AI copywriter for show notes, articles, transcripts, chapters, and beyond

About Podium AI

Streamline your podcast production with AI-powered tools for time-saving, high-quality content creation.

Podium AI:your AI copywriter for show notes, articles, transcripts, chapters, and beyond

Podium is designed for podcast creators to amplify and streamline their podcasts. With Podium, you can get a high-quality transcript in TXT or VTT format, segment your episode into core topics, get highlight clips with timestamps and transcripts, and even receive social media posts about your episode ready for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Podium also provides relevant keywords to help your podcast reach a wider audience.

What is the podium AI tool for podcasters?

A simple, revolutionary AI tool for podcasters and creators

Podium helps speed up production time by: creating show notes, breaking your podcast up into chapters, writing summaries, generating episode titles, social media posts, keywords, and locating highlight clips—interesting moments to post on social media.

What is the AI tool for podcast show notes?

Swell AI is the best ai podcast shownotes tool and can automate writing show notes, articles, social media posts, transcripts, and summaries for podcast episodes. Users can upload their podcast episodes in various formats, and the AI copywriter writes content about the episode.

Podium is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the podcast production process, offering a suite of tools that enable content creators to save time and money while reaching larger audiences. Here’s an overview of what Podium brings to the table:

Supercharge Your Podcast

Podium aims to revolutionize the podcasting world by offering AI-generated tools that save hours of time and significant costs. It works with over 90 languages, including full support for major languages like English, Spanish, German, and French.

Podium AI Key Features

Shownotes: Automatically generates a summary of your episode and chapters, making writing shownotes effortless.

Chapters: Segments your episode into core topics, ready for platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Transcript: Provides high-quality transcripts in .TXT and .VTT formats, making your podcast more accessible and searchable.

Highlight Clips: Finds timestamps and transcripts of your episode’s best moments.

Social Media Posts: Creates ready-to-go social media posts for platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Keywords: Offers tons of highly-relevant keywords to enhance your podcast’s discoverability.

AI-Generated Transcripts

Podium’s AI-generated transcripts offer 98% accuracy, separating speakers and making content more accessible, especially for the hearing-impaired. These transcripts are available in various formats, enhancing SEO and discoverability.

AI-Generated Clips

Podium’s AI can generate highlight clips from your podcast, saving editing time and helping your content go viral. These clips expand your podcast’s reach and can be shared on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

AI-Generated Chapters

Podium’s AI-generated chapters break down long podcasts into essential topics, enhancing accessibility and listener experience. Chapters provide a clear outline and convenient start points for listeners.

AI-Generated Show Notes

Podium’s AI-generated show notes help listeners choose your podcast, monetize your content, and support guests and affiliates. They improve accessibility and boost discoverability.


PodiumGPT, powered by GPT-4, acts as a marketing team in your pocket. It enables you to create marketing content, generate new show ideas, and explore endless possibilities for your brand.


Podbook is the first AI that transforms podcasts into complete books, offering a unique way to repurpose your content.

Empowering Creators

Podium is loved by solo podcasters, professional podcasters, producers, production studios, marketing directors, and more. It mixes publicly available tools like GPT-3 and ChatGPT with proprietary AI made specifically for podcasts.

Features & Highlights

  • AI-Generated Transcripts.
  • AI-Generated Clips.
  • Transform podcasts into complete books.
  • AI-Generated Chapters for Your Show.
  • AI-Generated Show Notes.

Do more in less time

Save hours of time and hundreds (or thousands) of dollars while reaching new fans.


A summary of your episode and chapters that make finishing your shownotes easy.


Segment your episode into its core topics, with an easy-to-read format. Ready for Spotify and Youtube.


A high-quality transcript to make your podcast more accessible and searchable in .TXT and .VTT formats.

Highlight Clips

Timestamps and transcripts of your episode’s “best of” moments. Podium finds those interesting quotes for you.

Social Media Posts

A social media post about your episode, ready to go for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Keywords and more!

Tons of highly-relevant keywords so your podcast can be discovered more easily by fans and search engines.

Amazing podcasts make great content with Podium

Podium AI:your AI copywriter for show notes, articles, transcripts, chapters, and beyond

Podium empowers creators

Podcasters, producers, marketing directors, engineers…loving it.

Podium is by far my favorite, and I have used a bunch of tools for this–I like it so much that I’ll be redoing older episodes.

Briar Harvey

The Neurodiversity Media Network

The speed is INCREDIBLE considering how much time we spend currently developing the transcript, notes, and various meta data for distribution and promotion.

Colleen O’Connell

Harper Collins

Podium is such a HELPFUL tool!

Mildred Achoch


It’s REALLY good.

Alexander Reiman

The Michael Shermer Show

I enjoy using Podium and have used it for most of my episodes as of late. The speed with which it creates the show notes is awesome.

Darian Parker, PhD

Dr. D’s Social Network

This is great. I have a podcast studio and will use this for all of my clients.

Scott Fitzgerald

ROC Vox Recording & Production

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Podium has multiple plans to fit your needs and volume. Visit our pricing page to learn more.

Can I only get a transcript? (or clips? or…)

Currently, Podium’s features do not come “a la carte”. If you process with us, a podcast, we provide you with all the features available.

What languages are supported?

Podium works with over 90 languages including full support for English, Spanish, Indonesian, German, French, Italian, and Swedish.

How does Podium differ from all the other similar tools out there?

Unlike other tools, which strictly utilize publicly available (yet powerful) tools like GPT-3 and ChatGPT, Podium mixes these tools with proprietary AI which has been made for podcasts specifically. (Much of this is also being utilized for the Fathom podcast player.)

For example, most other tools cannot find clips or create chapters for your podcast, as these cannot easily be re-created using ChatGPT or GPT-3.

Does Podium use ChatGPT or GPT-3/GPT-4?

Podium does utilize GPT-4, but alone, it’s not enough to deliver the quality that Podium aspires to. As such, we mix this (amazing) technology with proprietary neural networks which were created with podcasting and other audio content in mind.

Who is this for?

Podium has helped solo podcasters on a budget, professional podcasters, producers, production studios, marketing directors, and more.

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