Beey Reviews:Online tool for fast and accurate voice recognition

About Beey

Beey lets you automatically convert audio and video files to text and also offers automatic translation, editing, and subtitling features. You can try it for free for the first 30 minutes and then purchase more transcription credit if you need. Beey currently supports 20 languages, with 90% accuracy in German, Czech and English. The Beey editor allows you to correct any errors manually, and with the Beey Translate function, you can translate your transcripts to one of 20 languages while preserving the original timestamps. The tool also enables easy subtitling of videos and collaboration with other users.

Beey Reviews:Online tool for fast and accurate voice recognition

Automatic transcription and subtitles for your audio or video content​

Online tool for fast and accurate voice recognition at an affordable price.
Make high-quality captions and subtitles in the advanced editor within minutes.

Beey has been recognized on G2 for its significant market presence (being in the top 1/3 of its category) and high customer satisfaction levels.
This badge signifies that our users highly recommend Beey and believe it offers high-quality support, consistently meeting our customers’ expectations.

What can Beey do

Converting audio and video to text.

Beey will automatically convert your videos, podcasts, meeting minutes, online meetings, interviews, recorded lectures or files from the Internet to text.
Our state-of-the-art technology provides more than 90% precision for most English, German and Czech recordings.

Facilitating text editing and formatting.

Automatic transcripts are never 100% accurate. However, in the Beey editor, you can quickly and conveniently correct your transcripts and export the result in many formats.
No time? Get in touch with one of our professional proofreaders and have them polish the text for you.

Captions, subtitles & translations

Use the professional Subtitle Mode to create top quality captions and subtitles. With the built-in automatic translation tool, you can improve your video content’s accessibility in 20 other languages in no time.

Special features for your personal use.

Do you need more than a verbatim transcript? Beey offers many extra functions: separation by speakers, speaker recognition, voice recording and immediate converting, live transcription of streamed content, interactive subtitle editor, machine translation, and many more. All of it in 20 languages and always improving further.

Advantages of Beey

AI voice recognition

Beey uses advanced AI technology with the most accurate E2E models for speech-to-text transcription.

Subtitles​ and captions

The editor provides the perfect tool for professional subtitle creators, including an interactive waveform preview.

Automatic translation

Translate your project for free while keeping the timestamps of the transcript intact.


Create a team in Beey with shared credit, projects and other benefits.

Full-text search

Make a fully searchable archive of all your audio and video resources.

API integration

Beey offers integration into your own system via API.

How does Beey work?

Find out more about our unique speech-to-text application in this short video.

Make an audio or video recording

Correct errors

Download subtitles or a text document


Does audio quality influence the quality of transcription?

Yes. Audio recording quality has a serious impact on the resulting quality of transcription. To achieve the best results while recording, make sure there are no background noises and that all speakers talk directly to the microphone (it is not sufficient to just place a phone on a desk etc.).

What influences the quality of automatic recognition of speakers and speaker segmentation?

As with the quality transcription, it depends on the quality of the recording, the amount of background noise/music, whether the speakers interrupt one another, or how often they pause during their speech.

How to make an optimal recording?

Record in an environment with as few distractions as possible and speak into the recording device or microphone up close. If you are going to make a recording on a mobile phone, you need to speak into it directly as if you were making a phone call. Each speaker should have their own microphone and speakers should try not to interrupt each other much. 

Which audio and video formats are supported by Beey?

Beey supports the vast majority of commonly used audio and video formats. Besides the file extension, also the video codec type and other technical parameters decide whether the file can be transcribed. For optimal results, we recommend the following settings: 
–      MP4, MP3, WAV, AAC (MP4 audio), VORBIS or OPUS file 
–      H.264 video codec

–      fragmented MP4(streaming media format) 
–      constant framerate and bitrate (as high as possible, at least 128 kbps) 
–      ideally in mono mode (Beey merges stereo recordings into one channel anyway) 

How to convert my recording to the correct format?

The most common cause of recording processing errors is having an incorrect video codec type.

How do I set the parameters correctly when recording? 

A recording’s optimal sample rate should be 16 kHz. If you set a higher frequency, the transcription quality will not improve by much but your recording will be unnecessarily large. The second key parameter is the recording’s bitrate. Set this to the highest value possible – at least 128 kb/s. Ideally, select mono mode as well. 

How do I test that my video is in the required format? 

If you want to quickly and easily verify that your video is in the correct format, see if it can be opened in your Chrome browser. Just drag and drop your file into the browser window or on the Chrome icon on your desktop. If the file starts playing, Beey will probably process it without any problems. 

What is the maximum length of recording for transcription?

The maximum length of a recording you can transcribe is 6 hrs. However, it is recommended to transcribe longer recordings in 2-hour long segments or shorter. Longer and/or larger files may cause processing errors or slower application responses.

What should I do if Beey says “The project is queued for transcription” but I don’t have any other ongoing transcription? 

There is probably a processing error in the previous project that blocks further transcription. If the previous project keeps loading or reporting an error, deleting it should clear the transcription queue. 

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