Rev AI Reviews:multiple AI solutions for transcribing speech to text

About Rev AI

Rev offers multiple AI solutions for transcribing speech to text. You can currently use it to get 20 hours of AI-powered transcripts and captions, unlimited Zoom transcripts, and AI that learns the intricacies of your content. With 99% accurate transcripts, captions and subtitles, it allows you to discover actionable and shareable moments from hours of audio or video, and also make your media accessible to a larger audience. Rev offers subtitles in 16 languages, and can be scaled up or integrated via an API if you’re a business looking for enterprise text-to-speech solutions.

Rev AI Reviews:multiple AI solutions for transcribing speech to text

Fast, accurate transcription services

Get your audio and video files transcribed by the largest marketplace of experienced transcribers—guaranteed to be 99% accurate.

99% accurate transcripts, captions and subtitles

Solutions for understanding the human voice


Transcripts allow you to discover actionable and shareable moments.

Take minutes to read through and leverage insights from hours of audio.

Captions make video accessible to all.

Drive engagement with a wider and more diverse audience.

Subtitles allow you to reach new audiences across the globe.  

Amplify the impact of your content and reach people in 16 languages.

Build Rev’s speech-to-text services into your workflow

Scale up and save with Rev for Business

If you think you’ll order 100+ hours of transcripts, captions, or subtitles annually, Rev for Business can help streamline your workflow—and help you save on high-volume orders. Plus, you’ll get access to premium features like enterprise-level management and billing.


The most accurate speech-to-text APIs in the world.

Build powerful voice applications with Rev. Our speech engines are trained on a wide range of topics, industries, and accents from Rev’s unique dataset of human-quality transcripts.

Become a freelancer and work on your own terms.

Join our community of 70,000+ freelancers and get paid to caption, transcribe, or subtitle content. You can work from anywhere and choose the jobs that interest you. We believe everyone deserves an opportunity to support themselves, even if their schedule doesn’t allow for a 9-5 routine.

Benefits of Rev’s speech-to-text services.

Reach more viewers and increase engagement

85% of social media users watch videos with the sound turned off. Without captions, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with a much wider audience. Plus, social media algorithms favor videos—that is, make them appear in more searches and feeds—when they’re captioned.

Improve accessibility to prove you care

Providing video captions is a common courtesy for anyone who may be deaf or hard of hearing. If you’re hosting an audio-only podcast, posting a transcript of each episode allows people who cannot hear well—or prefer to read—to enjoy content they otherwise couldn’t

Discover actionable insights in seconds

Scrubbing through hours of audio content to find insights from interviews or focus groups is time-consuming, but Rev’s transcription services make it fast and easy. Searchable transcripts help you quickly find high-impact feedback.

Streamline audio and video editing production

If your team deals with hours of audio and video data, manually listening to all of it is inefficient. Instead, top video production companies use transcripts to quickly find golden moments in the editing bay—it’s as easy as searching a document for keywords

Replace note-taking and create a culture of active listening

It’s nearly impossible to take notes and actively listen at the same time. Instead, many companies are opting to use Rev to transcribe meetings. Employees can remain fully engaged during meetings, then refer to the transcript for virtually perfect notes later on

Expand your audience to non-English markets

There’s no reason to limit your audience to English speakers—with subtitles, you can reach a global audience. Add subtitles to your videos in 15+ languages including Chinese, German, and Spanish to reach new markets around the world. 

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