tl;dv reviews:The meeting recorder that transcribes & summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and your team. 

About tl;dv

The meeting recorder that transcribes & summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and your team. 

tl;dv reviews:The meeting recorder that transcribes & summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and your team. 

tl;dv transcribes, summarizes, and automatically marks key moments in your calls. You can also create highlight snippets out of AI summaries within seconds after your call. tl;dv integrates with both Google Meet and Zoom, and can be used with over 20 different languages. This tool will also create accurate transcripts for all of your meetings.

Automatically record and transcribe Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

Record meetings for free with our Zoom app or Google Meet Chrome Extension. Capture calls in high quality video and sound, and access them immediately afterwards in your meetings library. Our meeting recorder makes it easier than ever to share call moments.

AI Meeting Transcription

Automatically transcribe meetings in 30+ languages

Instantly receive accurate meeting transcripts with speaker detection. The free plan supports German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and many more languages. Search every spoken word across any meeting with one click.

Timestamp key meeting moments

Focus on the conversation. AI will take your notes

Summarize the key moments during your meetings with a simple click or short-cut. Our AI Meeting Note Taker will instantly summarize the topic, so you can stay focused on your conversation. tl;dv is the best thing that happened to your meetings. Hands down. 

Create clips from recordings

Tell a powerful story with bite-sized customer clips

Want to show an awesome call moment to a client or investor? Need to share a piece of user feedback with your team? Say ‘hello’ to bite-size meeting insights. Editing Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams video is easy with our video clipper. Create clips from longer calls in just a couple of clicks!

Search call moments with keywords​

Ask AI for an overview across meetings in your company

Search for topics discussed during meetings to instantly find and summarize every discussion related to the keyword. Catch up on the budget talk you missed while OOO, or remind yourself of what you discussed with a client. Never miss a meeting insight or forget an action point again!

Integrate & Automate seamlessly with your favorite tools

Automate workflows from meetings

Whether it’s Notion, Google Docs, Slack, Salesforce or HubSpot – we integrate seamlessly with your favorite collaboration platforms and CRMs. Share meeting moments and insights directly to your team’s work spaces. No tab switching needed!

tldv chrome extension

Record, Transcribe & ChatGPT for Google Meet

Automatically record & transcribe Google Meet for FREE. 500k+ users

tl;dv is the award-winning meeting recorder for Google Meet, MS Teams and Zoom that lets you capture calls like never before. Get started in seconds

⏰ In a matter of clicks, you can:

– ? Record Google Meet presentations and meetings automatically in top quality

– ? Receive highly accurate Google Meet transcription with Speaker Tags

– ? Transcribe Google Meet transcriptions into 20+ languages

– ? Timestamp and highlight important call moments

– ✨ AI Note taking powered by Chat-GPT & GPT-4

– ? Share links to recordings automatically to Slack and E-Mail

– ? Search your call library for any word spoken in meetings

– ? Integrate call insights into CRMs like Salesforce or Hubspot

– ? Edit Google Meet recording & create clips

– ✔ Revisit and edit meeting action points and takeaways

– ?‍♀️ Tag stakeholders and colleagues at any point during call

– ? Democratize and simplify meeting minutes

– ✍ Take notes during Google Meet call

– ⬇ Take videos offline with the Google Meet recording downloader

Half a million users have already leveled up their remote meetings with tl;dv

? Say goodbye to back-to-backs. Empower your team to catch up on meetings in minutes

?‍♀️ Want a slice of productivity? Asynchronous communication is a piece of cake with tl;dv

? **tl;dv is best meeting recording software for:**

– ? Async Teams

– ? Product & Engineering

– ? Sales & Customer Success

– ? UX Research

– ?‍? Recruitment & HR

– ? Cross-Functional Teams

– ?‍♂️ Agile Teams

tl;dv is a free alternative to tactiq, and Fireflies.

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