Trint AI:AI-powered transcription software

About Trint AI

Trint is a powerful AI transcription tool that converts your audio and video files to text, making them editable, searchable, and collaborative. Trint has multilingual capabilities and can currently transcribe in 30+ languages. The tool can also generate and edit closed captions for video content, improving accessibility, and securely stores all your content in one place. Trint is one of the most popular AI transcription tools and a great solution for both individual users and businesses.

Trint AI:AI-powered transcription software

Trint AI

Today Trint is an AI-powered SaaS platform that goes beyond transcription to boost every stage of the content creation workflow.

From transcription to editorial tools, real time collaboration to export and publishing – making every step easier for newsrooms, podcasters, local businesses and global organizations to share stories faster and easier than ever.


Tired of transcription headaches? Trint’s AI turns audio & video files to text in 30+ languages. Tell stories faster by transcribing, translating, editing and collaborating in a single workflow. Simple.


Trint’s founder Jeff Kofman spent 30+ years as an Emmy Award winning journalist and got tired of manual transcription grinding stories to a halt. So, in 2014, he leveraged AI to do the heavy lifting.


Upload any audio or video files – or capture content live – and Trint’s AI transcription software will convert every word into more than 30 languages with up to 99% accuracy.


Verify, edit, playback and search transcripts just like a text doc. Then pull quotes from multiple transcripts and use editorial tools to create articles, podcasts, scripts and soundbites.


Work together in real time with highlight and comment tools to make teamwork simple. Share using granular access permissions and create Shared Drives to make sign-offs quick and easy.


Export into multiple formats or integrate with other platforms for seamless workflows. Boost accessibility and global reach with closed captions and AI translations into 50+ languages.


• With Trint your content is always protected.
• We are ISO 27001 certified and have data servers in both the US and EU.
• We never listen to recordings and train our AI externally to protect your data.


Does Trint use AI?

At Trint, we have been utilizing language models and AI since our inception in 2014, allowing journalists, podcasters, and content creators to save time transcribing their media, making it easier to access and analyze recorded interviews, lectures, meetings, podcasts, and more.

Is Trint better than otter? rates 4.1/5 stars with 123 reviews. By contrast, Trint rates 4.4/5 stars with 64 reviews. Each product’s score is calculated with real-time data from verified user reviews, to help you make the best choice between these two options, and decide which one is best for your business needs.

Can Trint transcribe Chinese?

No problem. Trint transcribes audio & video files from more than 30 languages, so even if you don’t speak the language, we do!

Is Trint worth it?

Trint makes transcribing videos easy.

It’s an easy software to use even without experience in video editing or transcription. Even when I logged in for the first time I found it easy to navigate and do what I needed. I can’t actually think of anything that was negative with my experience.

Is Trint safe to use?

Data is encrypted at-rest using AES 256. Physically, Trint stores your data in data centers owned and operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS). These data centers deliver the very highest levels of physical and infrastructure security.

How accurate is Trint transcription?

99% accurate

But the transcript is only the beginning: Trint unlocks the value of any video or audio file by making it searchable, editable and shareable.

Does Trint have a free trial?


If you are a new user, signing up to the Trint Platform to use the Trint Services for the first time, once you have created an Account you will automatically start a free 7-day trial.

Is Trint cloud based?

Trint is a cloud-based audio and video transcription tool which leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) to automatically transcribe audio from a range of file formats and generate an interactive, searchable, editable, and shareable transcript.

Can Trint transcribe video?

Trint’s AI turns audio & video files to text in 30+ languages. Tell stories faster by transcribing, translating, editing and collaborating in a single workflow.

Does Trint save automatically?

Live interviews are automatically saved to your device, while recorded phone calls are immediately saved to our secure cloud, so you never need to worry about losing your work. Unlock the power of automated workflows with Trint’s software for transcription.

How do you transcribe with Trint?

Download the Trint mobile app

To start a live transcription, tap the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen and select the “Live” option. A pop-up will now ask you to choose your transcription language and what folder or Shared Drive you want your live transcription to be saved in.

Is Trint a software?

Craft powerful narratives from audio & video with Trint’s transcription software. Convert audio and video files to text and effortlessly shape transcripts into high-impact content for blogs, social media, podcasts and more.

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