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About Auris AI

Automatically Transcribe Your Audio And Video To Text In Minutes. Get Started For Free. Convert Speech, Audio, Video, and Voice to Text Automatically in Minutes. Free Transcription. Support Asian Language. Export as SRT or Doc. World-Class Accuracy.

Auris AI

Auris AI offers free audio-to-text transcription and subtitle generation. It lets you transcribe both audio and video into editable text and subtitles can be added to videos to reach a wider audience. The tool supports multiple languages and lets you choose which language you’d like your transcription or subtitles to use. Auris AI gives you a generous 60 transcriptions each month for free.

Transcribe audio to text. Add subtitles to videos.All for FREE- on a single platform.

What Auris AI does


Convert audio or audio in video to text. Edit your generated transcripts easily like a word document.

Auris AI Makes Transcription Accurate and Easy

Transcribe audio to text. Generate accurate transcripts with our speech to text transcription technology. All for FREE.

Upload supported file

Transcribe audio and video into text. Upload audio and video format like .mp3, .wav, .mp4 and more.

Download transcripts

Save and download your edited transcript as text (.txt) or captions (.srt).


Add subtitles to videos to reach a wider audience, like non-natives and the hard-of-hearing.

Auris AI Makes Subtitling Accurate and Easy

Generate subtitles automatically for your videos.All for FREE.

Edit auto-generated subtitles easily like a word document

Upload supported file types

Transcribe video into text. Upload video format like .mp4, .mov, .wmv and more. 

Edit Subtitles

Edit auto-generated subtitles easily like a word document.

Customise Subtitles

Add shadows or strokes to make your subtitles more visible to your target audience.

Download Subtitle Video

Save and download videos in different format, aspect ratio and resolution. 

How to Get Accurate Transcripts

High Quality Audio

  • No background noises
  • Close to microphone 
  • Clear Speakers

Results: >85-95% Accuracy

Low Quality Audio

  • Heavy background noises
  • Far from microphone
  • Speakers Overlapping

Results: Mostly not usable

How to Use Auris AI for Automatic Subtitles


Create an account here.



Upload your video file.



Select your video’s audio language for automatic transcription.



Receive your subtitles and start editing!



Export your video file in the format you want it to be in.



Auris AI for Enterprise

Improve team productivity with automatic transcription

Complete any speech-to-text audio and video transcription job with Auris AI at a low cost and reduce the need for human intervention.

Save time on administrative tasks

Transcribe business meeting minutes, live conferences and audio recordings.

Make your content easier to understand

Add subtitles to internal and external video content.

Save time on creating multiple subtitles

Translate your subtitles to different languages to reach a wider audience.

Auris AI For Education

Top transcription, subtitling, and translation tool for students, teachers and staff.


Transcribe audio or video to text, label your speakers and easily make edits like a word document.


Translate your subtitles to over 20 other languages from German, Bahasa Indonesia, to Hindi.


Easily generate automatic .SRT files without going through hours of video footages.

Engage with your students better

Not every student is an auditory learner. Add subtitles to your recorded lessons to benefit visual learners as well.

add dual language subtitles to video on Auris AI

Inclusivity matters

Adding subtitles to your recorded lessons helps students who are deaf or part of the hard-of-hearing community learn better.

Export as captions on Auris AI


Add translated subtitles to your recorded lessons to 17 Asian languages, so non-native English speaking students can learn as effectively.

Auris AI For Creator

Create Today, Go Global Tomorrow

Auris AI breaks through language barriers so that you can connect with a global audience. It is a one-stop video editing platform which provides you with accurate transcription, translation & subtitles for your videos.

Watch how we do it!

Localise your YouTube videos for an international audience
Calling all content creators! Translate videos into different Asian languages, the largest growing video consumption market in the world. Add subtitles to videos and generate captions with Auris AI now. 

$0 Initial investment

We grow YouTube channels – all for free at the start. We’ll bear the translation, subtitling and management costs.

Expedite to professional translators & language experts

Besides our in-house AI speech technology, we have a reliable team of translators and language experts. They ensure that translated scripts are uniquely localised according to cultural nuances.

Supercharge your content creator career internationally

Break into rapidly growing Asian markets such as Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, the fastest growing regions for YouTube views.

What we do

We use Auris AI to add subtitles, translate and edit YouTube videos

so that you can reach a global audience.

You can now focus on creating quality content that the world deserves to see.

Auris AI speaks your language globally


Is Auris free?

Make Auris AI YOUR Transcription Tool.

How to Use Auris AI for Automatic Transcription

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Upload your audio or video file.
  3. Select your file’s audio language for automatic transcription.
  4. Receive your transcript and start editing!
  5. Export your audio file in the format you want it to be in. Transcribe Bahasa Indonesia. Transcribe Hindi.

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