Copilot2trip Reviews:Personalized AI-powered travel assistant with maps

About Copilot2trip

Copilot2trip is a personalized AI-powered travel assistant with maps. Just tell it where and when you want to go, and it will suggest customized plans with recommended destinations and attractions. The tool functions like an interactive chatbot, where you can

continuously ask the AI questions about your destination.

Copilot2trip Reviews:Personalized AI-powered travel assistant with maps

Free AI Travel Assistant

Your AI‑Powered Travel Buddy

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, on a business trip to Asia, or planning a romantic weekend in Paris, Copilot2trip has got you covered. Our platform

What is Copilot2trip?

Personalized AI-powered travel assistant with maps

Copilot2trip is your free AI co-pilot, creating tailored travel plans with interactive maps. Experience a new level of personalization, as our generative AI adapts your itinerary to real-time conditions, taking the frustration out of trip planning

Customer Reviews

Hey guys, great idea! Hope you gonna make really useful travel planning tools since there’re almost no such tools 🙁 Can I actually book hotels and flights with you or it’s just about picking the right places and routes?

Congrats @islam_midov and team! Just tried it out on the site – and holy smokes, it’s…phenomenal. Was able to generate a detailed and fun itinerary full of kid-friendly activities for the family. At some point, might be cool to be able to forward confirmation/order emails from previous trips to help Copilot2Trip learn my taste in attractions and hotels. Or to connect the inbox directly so that the site can automatically generate restaurant/accommodation recommendations when it sees e.g. that I’ve booked a flight or rental car. In any case…super impressed, will definitely be a regular user. 🙂

Great idea. Wish you good luck and success to the product. I spend a lot of time planning my trips. I delegate some tasks to my girlfriend, but she asks a lot of questions.

Just tried out the tool and my mind is blown! I love how quickly it worked and gave me such a detailed and proper itinerary with prices. The ability to check out the included places in one click is superb. I’d love to have an option to share the itinerary with a URL or to copy the text. But overall, this looks amazing! I’ll be traveling so much more often now haha. Awesome job guys!

Thank you for your product, guys. It’s effective and really helps with planning travel activities. However, I’ve noticed that when I click on the name of an attraction mentioned in the text, a completely different location appears on the map. For example, ‘Visit the CosmoCaixa Madrid, a science museum with interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and a tropical forest.’ [in the text] = > ‘Lush Spa Madrid’ [on the map]

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