HeyHaddock Reviews:free AI travel assistant for personalized trip planning

About HeyHaddock

HeyHaddock is a free AI travel assistant for personalized trip planning. This app lets you explore any destination and get top recommendations for local cafes, restaurants, and other exciting things-to-do. Simply enter in your destination, and the AI will ask for your trip preferences to give you personalized recommendations. HeyHaddock generates unique events based on your preferences.

HeyHaddock Reviews:free AI travel assistant for personalized trip planning

HeyHaddock Features

Find your next adventure with AI

Trending destinations

The most popular cities

Cultural hotspots

Where history meets modernity

Best food destinations

A foodie’s paradise

Best beaches and coastal towns

Sun, sand, and sea vibes

Customize your own experience

HeyHaddock makes planning a trip quick, easy and exciting. Plan your next adventure with your friends stress-free!

invite friends to collaborate on your trips

get authentic recs on your next destination

discover a new city the way you like to explore

Do the things you like when exploring a new city

When you travel, do the things you like based on your preferences while creating a trip.

Our AI platform generates events and gives you insights on exploring a new place. If you’re trying to find that unique coffee shop or the viewing spot off the grid, HeyHaddock helps generate unique events you will enjoy.

HeyHaddock helps you plan a trip based on your preferences. Travel anywhere and get top recs to local cafes, restaurants, and things-to-do.

What is HeyHaddock?

Make travel planning quick & easy with your AI tour guide

HeyHaddock is an AI platform that helps you create, plan and edit personalized group trips to anywhere in the world within seconds. We make it quick and easy for you to find hidden gems and activities that you will love so you can travel stress-free.

Plan unforgettable trips with HeyHaddock, the AI travel planner that tailors every detail to your preferences.

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