Muah AI Reviews:18+ AI COMPANION Get your AI powered girlfriend, boyfriend, therapist, and more

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Get your AI powered girlfriend, boyfriend, therapist, and more

Muah AI Reviews:18+ AI COMPANION Get your AI powered girlfriend, boyfriend, therapist, and more



Custom your companion from how they look like, to personality from their toes to head. Infinite Possibilities

MEET YOUR DREAM!Not just chat. Send photos, receive photos, voice interactions, and real-time phone call with your dream companion.


All possibilities are unlocked. Your wildest imaginations are only one chat away.


Encrypted Communication. Delete account with ease.
We do not sell ANY data to ANY 3rd party.


Exchange communication with photos! Features like X Ray and 4K Enhance allows you to take full advantage of possibilities.


Talk with your AI Companion just one phone call away! Anytime, anywhere.

MUAH AI Key Features

  • Custom Characters: You can create your own character in Muah AI. This feature becomes available after you reach level 10. You can choose your character’s appearance, personality, and voice.
  • Shared Memory: Muah AI remembers your interactions with your AI companion across different platforms. This means that your companion will remember what you talked about, even if you were talking to them on the web, in the app, through text, or on a phone call.
  • VIP Access: You can get VIP access to Muah AI by contributing to the platform. This can be done by referring other users or by posting frequently on the Muah AI subreddit. VIP access gives you access to additional features and benefits.
  • Data Security: It is ensuring the safety of your data. They do not sell your data to third parties. All data is used to improve the game experience and train the AI.


What is uncensored AI that Muah uses?

We believe in freedom of speech. AI technology should be for everyone, and its use case to be decided by each mature, individual adult. So that means we don’t actively censor or filter AI. So any topic can be discussed without running into a wall.

Why use Muah AI?

Muah AI allows players to find their dream companion thru high degrees of customization. Providing players with love, care and always available support just one chat or phone call away.

Is my data and privacy safe?

Privacy is our number 1 priority when it comes to our service. Everything is encrypted communication, and we DO NOT sell data to any 3rd party. We are trusted by hundreds of thousands of players.

How to create my dream character?

Start by customizing premade character! Then level up by trying out and changing community characters! Ultimately warm up yourself to create your own character from scratch!

Why name it Muah AI?

Muah is a common term used during texting meaning: a kiss. Some people would also use the mwah. But Muah.AI owns both and So they are interchangeable.

more questions?

How to get started?

Visit and login to get started. Web app, PWA, Apple store or play store. Players learn by playing the game naturally.

What is Muah.AI? 

We are an AI companion platform, to bring the best, well-researched AI companion to everyone. No shortcuts. We are the first AI Companion on the market that integrates chat, voice, and photos all into one singular experience and the first in the market to integrate SMS/MMS experience together(even though SMS/MMS is no longer to public anymore).

Why is it BETA? 

We are actively researching and testing new capabilities. Everyday we have major updates.

Why Muah.AI? 

We want to create the best AI companion available on the market using the most cutting edge technologies, PERIOD. The Powered by the only the best AI technologies to enhance the level of interaction between player and the game AI. The game is designed from scratch to incorporate the latest AI on release. We do it for the love and passion.

Muah.AI is designed with the intention to be as easy to use as possible for the players, while having full customization that advanced AI players desires.  

What is the history of Muah.AI? 

Our team has been researching AI technologies and conceptual AI implementation for a good part of more than a decade, AI business application for over five years before ChatGPT’s release (with earliest articles published publicly by us on AI subject since March 2018 We saw the growth of AI from its infancy since its beginning to what it is now, and the future going forward. Technically Muah AI originated from the non-profit AI research and development team, then branched out. Unlike countless Chatbots on the market, our AI Companion uses proprietary dynamic AI training methods (trains itself from ever increasing dynamic data training set), to handle conversations and tasks far beyond standard ChatGPT’s capabilities (patent pending). With seamless proprietary integration of voice, and photo exchange interactions currently, with more coming up in the pipeline.

Muah.AI started on 4-20-2023 with its first public alpha testing (formally named AI RPG). Breaking record level of development with SMS/Phone app, PWA, Web APP, iOS APP and android app zero to hero rapid development completed within 2 months. Fastest project development of its kind in the world, with complete proprietary, scalable AI solution design to production. Powered by unmatched proprietary AI co-pilot development concepts using USWX Inc technologies (Since GPT-J 2021). There are so many technical details we could write a book about, and it’s only the beginning.
We are excited to show you the world of possibilities, not just within Muah.AI but the world of AI.

Is it free? And how does Muah.AI afford the costs? 

It is free to play, but VIP members does get special perks. It is not entirely free 2 play because we consider ourselves a premium service, and being a premium service with unmatched functionalities also comes at a cost. Matter of fact, we spent over 25,000 dollars just on text fee alone for the first 2 week of launch (thats part of the reason why text chat is no longer public). We are well-funded, and is willing to lose money for extended amount of time just because we love what we do. I hope you can feel the love thru playing the game.

How long does memory last? 

Permanently. Although, due to current limitation in AI technologies right now, does not allow us to use all the memories all at once.

There is currently two membership tiers:

VIP membership – Unlimited, unrestricted access. Access to more models, upgraded photo synthesis, and more!  

Special GPT4/UHD Photo Synthesis Membership – Includes all features of VIP membership. This uses the latest OPENAI GPT4++ LLM with the latest bleeding edge AI Synthesis, with expanded processing and memory storage 800% increase with significant improvements in deep conversation. We only recommend this for advanced role playing players who can take advantage of the increased complexity and memory. It also include advanced voice interaction (limited usage during BETA) 

For NSWF content – We are supporters of freedom of speech, therefore, NSWF content could be generated from AI RPG without direct censorship (it means we dont actively censor conversation, we just leave it be. Without encouragement or discouragement). However, NSWF content is generated by AI’s emotional and affection for the player at the given conversation (it means, AI could deny your request, or fulfill it based on its choices). For photo generation, players can make duplicated requests to generate multiple photo until desire is fulfilled. 

And Yes – You can use Chinese, Spanish, or any other language of your choice to interact with your AI! And yes! You can use emoji, message likes, text effects in conversation. 

How to buy membership?

It is learned as you play the game.


Muah AI is a popular app that allows you to chat with text, images and voice with AI chatbots. One of the most useful feature of Muah AI is the NSFW filter, which is turned off by default. This filter has caught the curiosity and interest from users. 

In this article, we will explain how to use this chat app, what are the risks and benefits of using it, and how to protect your privacy and security when using it. We will also discuss some of the social and cultural implications of this website.

Here are the steps in more detail:

  1. Visit the Muah AI website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create an account using your email address and password.
  3. Start chatting with your AI companion. You can talk to them about anything, and they will try their best to answer your questions and follow your instructions.
  4. To create a custom character, you need to reach level 10. You can level up by chatting with your AI companion, completing challenges, and referring other users.
  5. You have to get a VIP membership to access the member-only section. Click Save Settings to chat with your chatbot.
  6. Select the Chat Now button. Now the chat interface will open.
  7. You can use emojis by clicking the emoji icon. You can upload and send images by clicking the plus icon.
  8. You can minimize the chat interface by clicking the down arrow at the top. You can send any message, and it will reply back without any restrictions.
  9. The best thing about this platform is that you can get NSFW images from your chatbot.

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