Intimate – Your AI Girlfriend

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About Intimate AI

Intimate is a mobile app that lets you chat to and build relationships with AI girlfriends through realistic texting and calling. The app offers several characters – each with their own personalities, backgrounds, and interests. As you chat to your AI girlfriend, you can build deeper bonds that allow them to open up over time, making your connection feel more intimate and engaging.

Intimate – Your AI Girlfriend

Lifelike Characters

Discover a new world of connection with our AI characters, combining unique personalities, emotional intelligence, and adaptive learning for truly unforgettable conversations.

Intimate – Your AI Girlfriend

  • Fun and engaging characters.
  • Talk about anything whatsoever.
  • Always there for you.

Dynamic Relationships

Experience the joy of building genuine connections as your AI characters gradually open up, revealing more about themselves and growing more comfortable with you over time, resulting in richer and more engaging conversations.

Meet your virtual companion

  • Realistic voice calling.
  • Characters who listen.
  • Create real connections.

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