About Rainbow AI

Rainbow AI is an easy-to-use weather forecasting app powered by AI that provides super accurate rain forecasts and future radar predictions for your precise location. It notifies you about upcoming weather changes so you can plan your day and stay dry. Rainbow AI is available for both Android and iOS.



Don’t get caught in the rain by surprise. Rainbow Weather notifies you about weather changes for your precise location. Powered by AI technology.

Stay safe and dry

Our mission is to provide users with the most accurate and reliable weather information, delivered on time and with precision, to keep them safe and informed.

What is Rainbow AI?

Precise precipitation forecasting app

Hurricane Tracker, Rain Alerts

Weather Forecast Technologies

Rain or shine, seize the day with Rainbow.ai! Our AI-powered weather wizardry ensures you’ll always have the upper hand against unpredictable weather, empowering you to take charge of your plans with unwavering confidence.

Rainbow AI Features

Get a precise local weather forecast for temperature, rain, snow and mixed precipitation. Check the future radar on the map and plan your daily activities accordingly.

  • Down-to-the-minute rain forecast for your location.
  • Upcoming weather changes for your place of stay.
  • High-quality radar info on an interactive map to plan your trips.
  • Extremely precise rain & snow forecast for the next 1 hour.
  • Rain & Snow notifications – precipitation alerts for your location.
  • Dark mode for a better viewing experience and eye comfort.

Customer Reviews

Great weather presentation

I really like the appearance and presentation of the information, looks great. I would like the location to be city drive instead of state on the widget. I travel allot on seeing three city is really helpful.

I really love the design and idea. I was thinking of getting the premium version, but after 30 minutes into the advance check, there was no rain. However, I got wet in the horrible rain. I really wanted to give it 5 stars, but the app failed in its main functionality 

Spooky! ?

The notification popped up just as it presumably started thundering ?

Very cool app in sense of UX/UI. There are very beautiful pics sometimes, use the app not only to know the weather updates, but to see the beauty of clouds and other things. Strongly recommend trying!

Interesting. Trying it out now. I’m not sure if the app uses the precipitation radar data in Singapore but hopefully it works here. PS: I also built my own Singapore-only weather app, but it doesn’t have weather prediction because rain in Singapore is quite unpredictable too despite the small landcover.

Artificial intelligence from Rainbow.ai updates the forecast every 10 minutes. The startup team decided to make their own Waze for the weather, where eyewitnesses can leave comments in the application in the spirit of “No rain”, and AI collects anonymous data from phone barometers. Due to this, the accuracy of the forecast tends to be 90% or higher. While other solutions check this once every 1-4 hours, Rainbow.ai checks the data almost in real time.

Great app with very high accuracy weather forecast. Also, it is very important that the app collects feedback if the forecast is not quite accurate.

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