Planfit Reviews:Free ai-powered personal training app for gym beginners

About Planfit

Planfit is a free AI workout routine planning tool that offers personalized fitness coaching. Planfit generates custom workout plans tailored to your goals, experience level, and preferences. Its AI integrates data from 70M+ workouts to recommend the optimal sets, reps, and weights for you.

Planfit Reviews:Free ai-powered personal training app for gym beginners

Planfit also offers an AI Coach to guide and motivate you in real-time during workouts! Powered by generative AI and 8M+ lines of fitness text data, the coach gives personalized tips and encouragement just like a real personal trainer.

Free AI Workout & Fitness Planner for Gym Beginners

Free ai-powered personal training app for gym beginners

Get personalized workout plan and personal training by AI trainer. Easy-to-use, effective fitness planner.

Personalized workout plan

No more Guessing, Just Working out.

AI gives you personalized plan for free that work best for you. AI generates workouts tailored to you, according to your goals, strength & training ability, past workouts and gym setup. Also AI optimize sets, reps and weight for each exercise every time you work out.

hundreds of detailed exercise guide

Maximize your gains with proper form

Knowing which muscles to target leads you to better results. With our clear exercise videos, you’ll get to know it as well as proper form. And detailed-instructions include right form, trainer’s tip, what Not to do, and even how to breath while working.

personal training by ai trainer

Hire AI trainer, and say goodbye to pricey trainer.

Commit to transform with ChatGPT-powered AI trainer ‘Max’. Max will tailor workouts, motivate you to reach your goal, and support you with everything in your fitness journey. Max keeps learning as you work out, and gives you the best exercises, reps, and weight.

intuitive and free workout planner

With visualized progress, keep track of your fitness journey.

See your muscle recovery for safe workouts, exercise achievements and how much calories burnt that makes you motivated, and workout balance that lets you know which muscles need strengthening.

Customer Reviews

This app has revolutionized the way I approach my fitness regimen. With the novelty of fresh routines, clear video instructions, and invaluable respiration and weight suggestions, Planfit has invigorated my commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

I was doubtful of getting a good workout with this app, but when I did those side kick burpees HOLY COW!! Loved my first workout and can’t wait for the next!

It recommends workout routines that are challenging enough, manages breaks with a timer, has a clean UI, allows you to modify your workouts, and shares your workouts after you’re done! It’s a great workout app and I highly recommend it!

It’s been 6 weeks since I started with Planfit and I’m on day 50 of my diet. … As a result, in 50 days, I’ve gone from 31% body fat to 23% body fat, gained 0.7kg of muscle, and lost 6.5kg of body fat. Thank you so much.

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