Homeworkify Reviews:AI Homework Scanner & Solver

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Homeworkify Reviews:AI Homework Scanner & Solver

Homeworkify AI is an artificial intelligence powered website that helps students complete their homework quickly. It scans the questions and generates responses within a few seconds. It can solve questions related to various subjects, including Maths, Science, History, Geography, etc. It generates step-wise answers for students to easily understand the concept.

Homeworkify is a mobile application. You can download and use the app on your Android mobile phone from the Google Play Store or on your iOS device from the Apple App Store. With Homeworify, you can complete your assignments without worrying about plagiarism. It generates unique and accurate responses.

AI Homework Scanner & Solver

Homeworkify is a homework assistant that uses AI to help students solve their assignments.

Learn & learn you will earn!

Education should be free to everyone! Homeworkify, a non-profit organization. The goal of Homeworkify is to provide free and unrestricted access to all knowledge. The Homeworkify project is legal, as there is no law prevents the knowledge & access to information is a human right.

In our view the current operation of Academic Help & Tutoring services is massive violation of human rights. Restricting access to information and knowledge behind a paywall. We don’t want that.

Homeworkify Features

Homeworkify AI has various features to help students complete their homework faster. Some of its top features include the following:

  • Students can easily understand and revise concepts using its interactive learning platform.
  • The platform gives feedback for students to improve their skills.
  • Students can prepare for language proficiency tests using this tool.
  • Students can use the tool to solve questions on any subject with detailed answers.
  • The tool can help create a study plan to get organized and prepare for your exams.
  • Premium users can learn anything by connecting for one-on-one live classes with tutors.

Homeworkify Use Case – Real-World Applications

Homeworkify is an ideal tool for students. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Students can use the tool to practice different languages.
  • Students can use the tool to write assignments and solve homework questions.
  • The tool can be used to learn and understand new concepts.

Homeworkify AI Pricing

Homeworkify AI offers various subscription plans for users. You can choose your ideal plan from the list given below:

  • Basic – Free plan – Access to AI math solver, scanner, and limited features
  • Plus – $9.99 per month – Everything included in Basic, access to learning dashboard, practice problems, quizzes, etc.
  • Premium – $19.99 per month – Everything included in Plus, access to live online learning classes.


Does Homeworkify AI give reliable answers?

Homeworkify AI gives accurate responses to most questions. It generates unique, factually-correct, and detailed responses for every question. However, you must verify the facts before submitting the answers. Sometimes, Homeworkify may hallucinate.

Is Homeworkify AI safe?

Homeworkify AI is a safe and reliable tool. You can download it from the Google Play Store without worrying about hackers and intruders. It keeps your conversations and data private.

Does Homeworkify AI remember answers?

Yes, Homeworkify AI remembers the discussions and answers it creates. You can use this tool to solve questions and later refer to them. The tool will store your discussions until you delete them.

Can I use Homeworkify AI on my desktop?

Homeworkify is a cross-platform application. It is available for desktop, Mac, Android, and iOS users. To access it on your desktop or Mac, visit its website. To use it on your mobile phone, go to the app store or Google Play Store and download it.

Does Homeworkify AI have a free version?

Homeworkify has a free version with limited functionality. You can use the free version to scan and solve questions. But if you want to learn or attend live tutoring classes, you need to get one of its paid plans.

Homeworkify AI is a powerful tool for students of all grades. It can help solve assignments, learn concepts, and improve reading and writing skills. Download the app on your mobile phone to get instant access to its features.

Is Homeworkify Chegg Free?

Homeworkify AI is free to use for anyone who wants to access its features and content. The platform does not charge any subscription fee or require any payment information.

What if Homeworkify Doesn’t Work for a Specific Question?

If Homeworkify fails to display an answer, you can try alternative methods like searching for the question on other websites or forums. You can also consider subscribing to Chegg for direct access to their answer database.

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Are you struggling with your homework assignments? Do you wish you had a smart and reliable helper who can solve any problem for you? If you are looking for a way to get unblur Chegg answers for free online, you might be interested in Homeworkify AI. Many students face difficulties in completing their homework tasks, especially when they have to deal with complex and challenging topics.

Homeworkify is an AI tool that claims to provide instant homework solutions and unlock Chegg, Course Hero, and Study Blue content and answers. But is it really worth it? How does it work? And what are the alternatives to homeworkify? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

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Homeworkify: Best AI Homework Helper Tool

Tool Name Category Features Pricing Homeworkify Free Alternative
Homeworkify AI Education Tools Solve homework problems, unblur answers, unlock document links, reveal hidden content, etc. Free Chegg Answers Subreddit, Unblur StudyBlue for Course Hero, etc.

What is Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is an innovative educational tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to provide a personalized study experience for students of all ages. Whether tackling Biology, Math, Business, or Engineering homework problems, Homeworkify aims to simplify the task.

Platform operates on the belief that in today educational technology landscape, accessing smarter study methods at no cost should be available to all. By simply entering the direct URL of a question, user can swiftly obtain the precise answer. Offers a Q&A search engine where students can input their queries and receive step-by-step solutions.

How to Use Homeworkify Unblur Chegg Answers for Free?

Homeworkify is a website that claims to unblur Chegg answers for free by using a search engine that finds the solutions from various free homework help websites. However, the reliability and accuracy of this website are not guaranteed, and it may not work for all questions. Here is a step by step guide on how to use Homeworkify to unblur Chegg answers:

  • Go to the Chegg website and find the question that you want to get the answer for. Copy the URL of the question page.
  • Go to the Homeworkify website https://homeworkify.eu and paste the URL of the Chegg question into the search bar. Click on the “Search” button.
  • Wait for a few seconds while Homeworkify searches for the answer from different sources. You may need to verify that you are human by completing a captcha or a survey.
  • If Homeworkify finds the answer, it will display it on the screen. You can download the image of the answer or copy the text.
  • If Homeworkify does not find the answer, it will show a message saying “Sorry, we couldn’t find the answer”.
  • You can also use the Homeworkify app by Mathlab to unblur Chegg answers on your Android device. The app has a free plan with some limitations, and a premium plan that costs $9.99 per month.

Is Homeworkify Safe?  

A comprehensive examination of the website indicates that it is safe to use for educational purposes. The website employs an SSL certificate and multiple encryption measures to secure data transmitted between users’ browsers and the site. Nevertheless, as with any online platform, it’s advisable to conduct your own checks before using the platform.

Is Homeworkify Chegg Free?

Homeworkify AI is free to use for anyone who wants to access its features and content. The platform does not charge any subscription fee or require any payment information.

What are the Alternatives to Homeworkify?

Several websites and apps offer similar functions to Homeworkify, including Slader, Unblur Chegg, and StuDocu. These platforms may have different features and limitations, so it’s worth exploring your options.

Are there any Websites like Homeworkify?

Yes, there are a number of websites that offer similar services to Homeworkify. Some of the most popular alternatives include: Brainly, Symbolab, Quizplus, Studypool, Khan Academy, homeworkify Chegg, Crazy for Study, Quizlet, and Wolfram Alpha.

How does Homeworkify Unblur Chegg Answers?

Homeworkify uses several techniques: Web crawling, URL analysis, and Similar problem search.

What if Homeworkify Doesn’t Work for a Specific Question?

If Homeworkify fails to display an answer, you can try alternative methods like searching for the question on other websites or forums. You can also consider subscribing to Chegg for direct access to their answer database.

Is Homeworkify Legit?

Homeworkify is an online platform that offers free homework answers. But it may be illegal, as it could break the rules of academic honesty and the rights of the original answerers.

Websites Like Homeworkify

  • Hello AI: This is an AI-powered platform that can generate original and high-quality content for your homework, such as essays, summaries, reports, and more. You can also ask Hello AI any question and get a detailed answer with sources and explanations.
  • Mathly: This is another AI-powered platform that can help you with your math homework. Mathly can solve any math problem, from algebra to calculus, and show you the steps and formulas. You can also learn math concepts and skills with Mathly’s interactive lessons and quizzes.
  • Brainly: This is a global study community where you can ask and answer any homework question. Brainly has over 350 million users who can help you with any subject, from science to history. You can also access verified answers from experts and moderators.
  • Tutorly: This is an AI-powered chatbot that can tutor you on any topic. Tutorly can explain concepts, give examples, test your knowledge, and provide feedback. You can also chat with Tutorly in natural language and get personalized responses.
  • PhotoMath: This is a mobile app that can scan and solve any math problem using your camera. PhotoMath can recognize handwritten and printed math expressions and give you instant solutions. You can also view step-by-step explanations and learn how to solve similar problems.
  • Symbolab: A website that provides step-by-step solutions to math problems. You can enter any equation, expression, or function and get the answer, explanation, graph, and related concepts. Symbolab covers topics such as algebra, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, and more.
  • Quizplus: A website that offers quizzes, flashcards, and study guides for various courses and subjects. You can test your knowledge, practice your skills, and learn from detailed solutions. Quizplus covers topics such as accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, finance, and more.
  • Studypool: A website that connects you with tutors who can help you with your homework assignments, essays, projects, and exams. You can post your question, set your budget and deadline, and choose the best tutor for your needs.

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