Roam Around AI Reviews:Make your travel plans easily using AI, ChatGPT

About Roam Around

Roam Around AI is the ultimate travel planning app powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 technology. No more browsing through countless web pages, guidebooks or confusing maps – Roam Around is here to make exploring the world easier and more personalised than ever before. Roam Around understands your travel preferences and provides you with tailor-made itineraries for any destination worldwide.

Roam Around AI Reviews:Make your travel plans easily using AI, ChatGPT

Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, a culture vulture, a foodie, a history buff, or a relaxed vacationer, it knows how to cater to your unique tastes.Simply input your destination, interests, and travel dates, and the Roam Around app will instantly generate a comprehensive travel plan. From off-the-beaten-path attractions to local culinary delights, scenic routes, cultural hotspots, outdoor activities, and hidden gems – your personalised itinerary will have it all.


Your Personal Travel Planner

Roam Around will help you craft a hyper-customized travel plan. Say goodbye to the hassle of planning, and start exploring!

Group trips

Reykjavik group trip
Sydney group trip
Cape Town group trip
Dublin group trip
Rio de Janeiro group trip

Road trips

South Island road trip
Amalfi Coast road trip
Route 66 road trip
Golden Triangle road trip
Pacific Coast Highway road trip

Customer Reviews for Roam Around AI

Ajit Singh

Digital Nomad

“Roam Around has been fantastic for me as a digital nomad that makes short trips most weekeneds. I’ve been able to quickly find the best places to visit in new areas.

All without having to spending hours on google or reading through tabs of travel blogs.”

Marta López

Avid traveler

“Traveling relaxes me and brings me joy.

I love Roam Around because it helps me get a quick overview of what to expect on my next trip. I still go for some local friends for advice but amazing how much of the work it already does for me.”

James Madocks

Family trips

“We are looking for a nice tool to help us plan our family vacation. I found Roam around to be perfect for this!

All we had to do was pick where we are going, when and how long. I also selected the family filter and voila! We had a list of activities we could enjoy as a family and places to visit with kids.”

Rikesh Patel

Quirky place seeker

“I’m a last minute planner. I can’t express how many times this Roam around has saved my ass on planning a weekend away.

The custom filters helped me make a plan that works to my tastes.”

James Cooper


“Love how quick and simple this is to use. Have reccomended it to all my friends. Will definitely be using it for my next backpacking trip to Bali.”

Sapna Sharma

Solo travel

“10/10 app. Thank you so much for making travel planning easy.

I honestly share this app with all my friends and everyone loves it!”


Is roam around free?

Our platform is free for end-users, and we generate revenue through commissions from our partners for the business we bring to them. From a technology perspective, Roam Around is built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Is there an AI travel agent?

About Eddy Travels

I’m Eddy Travels, your personal AI travel assistant! I will help you find the best travel deals in seconds. Powered by machine learning and other software magic, I help travellers search for flights, hotels, car rentals – you name it!

Is roam around based on ChatGPT?

Roam Around

Of course, the first AI that comes to mind these days is ChatGPT. Roam Around uses the internet’s favorite new AI chat app to help you plan your travel in any city, as yet another one of the amazing things you can do with ChatGPT.

Roam Around – AI Trip planner

Introducing the ultimate travel app that will change the way you plan your trips forever! Our app uses the latest technology to create personalized travel plans that are tailored to your preferences and interests. With our app, you’ll never have to spend hours researching and planning your next vacation again.

Our app uses Chat GPT, a powerful AI technology that can understand natural language and provide human-like responses. You can simply tell the app which city you want to visit, how many days you will be there, and how many hours you want to spend sightseeing

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