BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams

About BeforeSunset AI

BeforeSunset AI is a productive tool that lets you plan your day with ease. By typing your main to-do’s you can let the AI assistant save you time by making tasks actionable, creating subtasks, and even suggesting team meeting times. There are upcoming features for weekly planning, too. BeforeSunset AI provides personal analytics, time tracking, note-taking, task history, goal setting, and a sunrise and sunset routine for reflection and disconnection from work.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams

AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams.

Our Mission

Yes, productivity is great…

As long as it isn’t achieved at the expense of your well-being! BeforeSunset AI set out to help you and your team establish a healthy work routine that works for you to be able to finish work… well, before sunset! Capitalizing on the power of AI and personal work data, our platform is designed to automatically generate the best daily schedules for you. Let us check items off your task list and give you your time back. 

Forget about other productivity platforms that only add on to your workload, burdening you with feature fatigue and steep learning curves. With BeforeSunset AI, seamlessly type in your focus for the day, sync with your calendar, and run the AI! Our AI technology will suggest subtasks in line with your daily to-do focus, convert your task list to be more actionable, and integrate it into your schedule in line with your work preferences and break time needs. 

Are you a morning worker? Are you your most productive self in the afternoon? Our platform keeps that in mind when building your customized schedules! What’s more, we use proven productivity and focus tactics such as time-blocking to cluster similar tasks together, among other techniques. It is everything you and your team need to tackle the century-old focus challenge and work in harmony. 

The future of work will appreciate the human element of productivity above all. Knowing this, we built our platform specifically to enhance workers’ work life balance, prioritizing break times and maximizing convenience with a minimalist user interface. This, coupled with a simple touch of AI, is the ultimate recipe to supercharge your productivity. 

Work with your teams

Your personal and work tasks differentiated.

Your privacy comes above all else. Differentiate your work and personal to-dos, manage them in one place. Share only what you choose with your team.

Different time zones? No problem.

With Team Feed, gain visibilty on your teammates’ availibility, see what tasks they are working on, and stay connected with minimized distractions.

Break the ice.

Discover your team members’ interests, hobbies, special days and birthdays with Member Details.

Learn from team progress.

With our Analytics page, you’ll gain insights into your team’s projects and tasks, enhancing your progress tracking and collaboration.

More from BeforeSunset

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams

Time Tracking

Observe the actual and planned time ratio to understand where you spend your time.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams

Note Taking

Your notes all in one place , no need to switch across platforms.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams

The Badges and Score

Earn badges based on your planning success.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams


Bookmark the task that you’d like to revisit.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams

Focus Mode

Go all in on one task, no distractions.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams


Break down big tasks into smaller chunks to work more effectively.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams


Visit history to duplicate your unfinished to-dos to complete later.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams

Customizable Tags

Use tags, categorize your to-dos and check analytics to see your overall progress.

BeforeSunset AI Review:AI-powered workspace for busy professionals and teams

Recurring To-dos

Create recurring to-dos for tasks and events you have on your schedule regularly.

FAQ-All You Need to Know

What is BeforeSunset AI?

BeforeSunset AI is a mindful productivity tool that focuses on the human aspect of productivity, prioritizing individual users and empowering them to create the perfect schedule for their workday and be the best planner through these features:

Time-blocking: It plans your to-do list using the time-block technique, either with the help of an AI assistant or by constructing it manually, in sync with your calendar.‍‍

Time-tracking: You can start the timer for each of your tasks and track how much time you spend on each one.‍‍

Analyze yourself: Using the Personal Analytics screen, you can view your productivity score and gain insights to become the best planner.‍

AI Assistant: With AI assistant, you can automatically plan your day, make tasks actionable, and create subtasks. Let AI plan your day automagically.

Google sync: Sync your Google Calendar to keep up with your meetings, important events, etc. Eliminate the need to switch between those tabs or apps.

Recurring to-dos: For the to-dos you have to complete regularly and the events that are recurring, you can use our recurruning to-do by choosing between daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Prioritization: You can use prioritization tags to differentiate each task and its urgency. And to help AI create a better schedule based on your urgencies.

Invite/Work with team: Invite team members to work in sync and bond together. You can do this by clicking the invite new team member button on the side bar.

Focus Mode: Focus mode is for people who have trouble staying on track. There’s no room for distractions with this feature.

Note Taking: Take notes based on your to-dos to keep your thoughts and ideas in one place.Bookmark: Easily access your favorite tasks and notes in an instant.

History: Visit history page to move your to-dos to today, tomorrow, rest of the week, later.

You can now set your location to let your teammates know where you’re working from or if you’re out of the office getting that tan or skiing away on a mountain.

Mood tracking Journal: 
Learn about your teammate’s moods without even asking them. Check on them if needed.

Weekly planning:
 We know you guys liked the Plan My Day feature. What if you could also plan your week with AI? What’s next? You might ask, maybe AI monthly planning or even AI yearly planning. The sunset is the limit.

Who should use BeforeSunset?

Those who struggle with planning, prioritizing, and balancing their productivity goals with their individual needs and well-being can use BeforeSunset AI.

Think of BeforeSunset AI as your helpful companion for those struggling to plan and complete their day as intended. Our goal is to equip you with all the tools necessary to ensure your day goes according to plan, all without overwhelming you with excessive features or getting distracted. Ideal users of our platform include: freelancers, marketers, product teams, HR professionals, agencies, teachers, and students.

Of course, it’s not limited to these; they are only few samples for use cases. It can be helpful for anyone who enjoys planning their day, keeping a to-do list, and wanting to add some fun to their workday.

What can I do with AI planning?

With BeforeSunset AI, the only thing you have to do is write your to-dos. BeforeSunset AI takes care of the rest by planning your day with breaks, preventing content-switching, creating subtasks for you, and making your to-dos actually actionable.

Make it actionable: This AI feature converts your to-do list items into actionable tasks and provides a detailed to-do list view.

Create subtasks: This feature allows you to construct automatic subtasks within a task, and it aims to solve your problem of not being able to do anything or being distracted while deciding what to do before beginning a task.

Plan My Day: We all create a to-do list or grasp the day’s flow, but planning it requires additional effort. Plan My Day aims to create the optimal schedule based on your calendar. (Don’t forget to add estimated time and tags to your tasks so AI can create the perfect schedule!)

How do AI credits work?

Every “Plan my day” = 30 credits
Every “Create subtasks for me” = 5 credits
Every “Make my tasks actionable” = 3 credits

Do I spend any AI assistant credits if I plan my day myself?

No. You can plan your day yourself and still enjoy the other features of BeforeSunset AI for free!

How many AI assistant credits do I get in the free plan?

There are 300 AI assistant credits in the free plan per month. And if you decide to upgrade to the Pro Plan, you will have 1000 AI credits. There will be special packages for AI credits in the near future.

Is there a mobile/ desktop app?

BeforeSunset AI is only available as a web app for now. We are currently working on mobile and desktop apps for you to enjoy BeforeSunset AI more!

What other features will be on BeforeSunset AI?

Mobile App: With our mobile app, you can conveniently carry your planner, time tracker, notebook, and essentially, your personal AI assistant right in your pocket.

AI Plan My Week: It enables you to effortlessly plan your entire week with just one click, saving you valuable time and helping you accomplish more.

Advanced Note Taking: You will be able to do more detailed brainstorming, categorize, filter and access your old notes.

Plan My To-Do: Let’s say you’ve already created a schedule for yourself or just have a few tasks laying around waiting to fit into your schedule; you can then use the AI plan my to-do feature to plan out your to-do.

AI Learn My Data: Our AI learns from your data and answers your questions for personalized experience.

Integrations: You can use BeforeSunset AI integrated with your favourite tools like Slack, Notion, Spotify.

You can access our roadmap and give us feedback. Or, your can directly reach us from here.

Which teams are suitable for BeforeSunset?

BeforeSunset AI Teams is for every team who aims to make synchronization and focus easier for team members. Teachers & students, design teams, agencies, marketing teams, HRs, Product teams, Sales, Freelancers, and Startups of any area can all use the team version.

How can I invite my team?

You can simply invite a team member by clicking the invite new team member button on the side bar to invite your team members. Once you’ve sent them their invites, they should be able to join your workspace by approving the invitation sent to their e-mail account. Then your account turns into a team workspace.

If your plan is Personal Pro Plan, first you should cancel your subscription and then invite your teammates to turn your workspace from personal to team.

I don’t have a team. Is it also suitable for individual use?

Of course! BeforeSunset AI was originally created for individual use. You can still use the platform to achieve your goals solo!

How do you ensure personal confidentiality within the team?

With the analytics page, the admin of the workspace will be able to see each team member’s analytics based just on their work-related to-dos and the overall team analytics. If you are a member of the workspace, you will only be able to see your analytics based on both your personal to-dos and your work to-dos.

With the team feed, the team members will be able to see your todos if you choose to share it with them on the team feed. The choice is really up to you!

Can I have a demo with my team or individually?

You can schedule a demo call with our specialists anytime you’d like. To learn about availability and schedule a call with our specialists, please contact this email: [email protected]

How can I switch from personal pro plan to team pro plan?

If you’re using the personal pro plan and you invite a team member to your workspace, you automatically upgrade to the team pro plan.

How can I switch from team pro plan to personal pro plan?

First thing you have to do is cancel the Team pro subscription by clicking the settings section and visiting our plans page. Then you’ll have to switch to the personal pro plan.

How is the distribution of roles within the team? (Admin and User distinction)

The admins of the workspace will be able to see their team’s overall performance to analyze and use their resources mindfully to avoid burnout and create a healthy work environment.

The admin of the workspace will only be able to see your work-related to-dos not your personal to-dos.

And If you’re a team member, you’ll be able to see your analytics based on both your work and personal to-dos. From your results, you can self-criticize and improve your time management/planning skills to avoid burnout.

Can I get extra AI credit?

Soon you’ll be able to increase your credits by purchasing credit packs without having to upgrade your account BeforeSunset AI.

Are the credits unlimited?

You get 1000 AI credits per month. This credits can be used for the features like: Planning your day with AI, Creating subtasks with AI, Making your tasks actionable and Planning your to-dos.To get more AI credits and get the most out of our AI feature you can upgrade your plan to get unlimited AI credits.

Do I have to pay an additional fee for every member I invite to my team workspace?

By default, you will be able to add 3 teammates to a workspace. If you want to invite more than 3 people to your workspace you’ll then have to upgrade to Pro Plan to work in sync with your teammates. After you upgrade to the Pro Plan, for each member payment will be made.

Customer Reviews

BeforeSunset AI’s team version has transformed how we collaborate as a team. In our organization, we have hybrid workers, on-site employees, and remote workers. Synchronization used to be a significant challenge, but not anymore.
The Team Feed is a game-changer. Now, we can easily check what projects our teammates are working on, their availability, and the tasks they are handling, all without disturbing them. This has made our teamwork seamless, even in our mixed work environment.

I’m an avid enthusiast of productivity apps, and the name “BeforeSunset” immediately caught my eye; it resonates with my personal goal of completing work tasks before the day ends. This app appears to be the ideal tool to help me achieve that goal. The user-friendly interface and the captivating color scheme only add to its appeal. Congratulations on developing such an impressive product!

BeforeSunset AI has been a game-changer for me. It helps me maintain a perfect balance between work and personal life, ensuring I don’t continue working after hours. The teams feature is going to be incredible for staying connected and productive with my students, and the friendly team and upcoming features make BeforeSunset AI the ultimate productivity tool. Highly recommended!

BeforeSunset AI’s new team version has been a game-changer for our company. We used to struggle with maintaining a healthy work environment and preventing burnout among our team members.
The team version’s features have been a lifesaver. Now, we can keep track of our personal and team tasks separately, ensuring a better work-life balance for everyone.

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