Looti AI Reviews:Grow your business with hyper-qualified B2B leads

About Looti AI

Get a better understanding of your ideal customer with PersonaCardAI. Simply upload a list of your contacts and our AI will automatically generate the top 3 persona cards of your best customers.AI Tools For Customer analysis

Looti AI Reviews:Grow your business with hyper-qualified B2B leads

How it works

Find hyper targeted leads in 2 minutes

AI Discovery

Looti AI Reviews:Grow your business with hyper-qualified B2B leads

Our AI finds your most accurate audiences from many sources (CSV, CRM connection, Linkedin profile, URL and more)

Fine-tune filters

Looti AI Reviews:Grow your business with hyper-qualified B2B leads

Fine-tune your list with +20 filters like job titles, keywords, industry, company maturity, technology, hirings, fundings and much more.

Get activable data

Looti AI Reviews:Grow your business with hyper-qualified B2B leads

Find ultra-qualified leads that match your audience, with all contact information (email, phone number)

Hyper segmentation

Segment your data like a pro thanks to our powerful AI.

User friendly

Our platform user-friendly interface and in self-service.

Built-in data cleaning

No need to clean data, we provide everything.

Super-reactive support

Need help to set-up your audiences? Our team can onboard you anytime.

In-app integrations with your favorite tools.

Looti integrates with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Lemlist, Emailable and Zero Bounce, with more coming soon!

How to use Looti ai?

To use PersonaCardAI, upload your contact list and let our AI analyze the data. The AI will then generate persona cards that provide insights into your best customers.

Looti ai Features

AI-powered persona card generation

Upload contacts

Data analysis

Insights into target audience

Looti aiUse Cases

#1 Identify target audience
#2 Improve marketing strategies
#3 Enhance customer understanding

FAQ from Looti ai

What is PersonaCardAI?

PersonaCardAI is an AI-powered tool that generates persona cards of your best customers, helping you understand your target audience better.

How does PersonaCardAI work?

PersonaCardAI works by analyzing your contact list using AI algorithms. It then generates persona cards based on the data, providing insights into your ideal customers.

What are the core features of PersonaCardAI?

The core features of PersonaCardAI include AI-powered persona card generation, the ability to upload contacts, data analysis, and insights into your target audience.

What are the use cases of PersonaCardAI?

PersonaCardAI can be used to identify your target audience, improve your marketing strategies, and enhance your overall understanding of your customers.

How much does PersonaCardAI cost?

Please refer to our pricing page for detailed information on the cost of PersonaCardAI.

Is PersonaCardAI user-friendly?

Yes, PersonaCardAI has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to upload contacts and generate persona cards.

Can PersonaCardAI help small businesses?

Yes, PersonaCardAI is suitable for both small businesses and large corporations. It can help businesses of all sizes understand their target audience better.

Does PersonaCardAI provide customer support?

Yes, PersonaCardAI offers super-reactive support to help with onboarding and any questions you may have.

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