Scribe AI Reviews:an AI tool that builds how-to guides, SOPs and training manuals for you

About Scribe AI

AI that documents your processes for you.Save hours (and headaches) a week with Scribe – an AI tool that builds how-to guides, SOPs and training manuals for you.99% of employees* say they never want to document a process ever again.scripe na is scribe ai by mistake

Scribe AI Reviews:an AI tool that builds how-to guides, SOPs and training manuals for you

AI Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots

Auto-generate step-by-step guides, just by clicking record. Save your team 20+ hours/month vs. video and text tutorials.

⚡ The Scribe Chrome extension turns any process into a step-by-step guide, complete with text, links and annotated screenshots.
Are you the go-to person at your company?
Are you always answering questions, training or hopping on “quick” calls?
Are you constantly interrupted by teammates and clients?

Scribe is an AI-powered tool that documents your processes for you. Add your team to Scribe to give them instant access to guides or share them in the flow of work with the Scribe Chrome extension.

Save a day each week with Scribe — it’s the easiest, fastest way to document and share how-to. “Scribe is the best thing since sliced bread! Next time you need to build a step-by-step guide, give it a try! It’s too easy.” — Seth L., Founder & Principal Consultant Need to show a teammate how to run a report? A customer how to log in? Stop wasting time taking screenshots or spending hours answering repeat questions. Scribe does the work for you. Use the Scribe Chrome extension to automatically build documentation and SOPs, onboard new employees, create training manuals and tutorials, and so much more.

One million teams at companies like LinkedIn, Northern Trust and Gong use Scribe every day to:

✅ Save time: Document processes 15x faster – no more writing steps or copy/pasting screenshots

✅ Stay focused: Find answers to your questions 67% faster

✅ Share what you know: Boost your team’s productivity by 25%


• Capture any process on your browser or desktop with the click of a button
• Redact sensitive information so it doesn’t show up in screenshots
• Watch as Scribe automatically creates a step-by-step guide CUSTOMIZE YOUR GUIDES
• Auto-generate text and titles with GPT-4 AI
• Edit each guide; add tips and tricks, add and update steps and annotate screenshots
• Combine multiple guides with text and video in Pages


• Share guides with a single click or embed into your documentation;
.Scribe works with 1000s of tools like Sharepoint, Notion, Confluence and more
• Export to PDF, HTML or Markdown
• Add your team to the Scribe Chrome extension to give them access to Scribe guides as they work


▶ How-to guides
▶ Step-by-step instructions
▶ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
▶ Software documentation
▶ Training manuals
▶ User guides
▶ Job Aids
▶ Handover documents … and so much more. AWARDS
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▶ G2 High Performer: Screen and Video Capture; Work Instructions; SOPs; Knowledge Management
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USER LOVE “Scribe is so easy to use for SOPs. It creates step-by-step instructions as you click and type in fields. This is a game-changer when it comes to writing SOPs!” — Todd Z.,

Customer Success Consultant “Scribe is probably the easiest “needle mover” for growing our company. Even after anointing a ‘Training Czar’ to document workflows, progress was slow and we couldn’t scale our operations that quickly. We are now churning out simple, engaging trainings for our people at 3-5x the rate we were before.” — Jyot B., Managing Partner

Scripe ai’s Use Cases

#1 Criação de anúncios
#2 Elaboração de emails
#3 Desenvolvimento de páginas de vendas
#4 Escrita de artigos
#5 Scripts para vídeos
#6 Entre outros

Scripe ai’s Core Features

Geração de textos persuasivos em um clique

Banco de objetivos para diferentes tipos de textos

Treinamento com mais de 3 milhões de parâmetros de escrita de alta conversão

Agilidade na criação de textos de marketing

Possibilidade de edição por humanos

How to use Scripe ai?

Para usar a Scripe, basta escolher seu objetivo de texto, descrever sua empresa e clicar no botão ‘Gerar Texto’. A IA da plataforma irá fornecer três sugestões de textos prontos para serem utilizados ou editados por um humano.

Scripe ai’s Plan

Para iniciantes

80+ Habilidades de Copy com IA. 40+ Templates de copy. Comunidade Scripe. Universidade Scripe. Suporte humano. Editor de textos com IA

Para profissionais

80+ Habilidades de copy com IA. 40+ Templates de copy. Comunidade Scripe. Universidade Scripe. Suporte humano. Editor de textos com IA

Para empresas

80+ Habilidades de copy com IA. 40+ Templates de copy. Comunidade Scripe. Universidade Scripe. Gerente de Contas. Editor de textos com IA

Scribe AI FAQ

What does scribe AI do?

Automatic Process Documentation

Whether you need to create how-to guides, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), or training manuals, Scribe AI has you covered. No longer will you need to set aside precious hours to painstakingly write down every step of a process. Scribe AI handles it all, making your life easier.

Is scribe free to use?

Scribe Pricing

Basic Plan: Free, includes individual projects on web applications only. Pro Plan: The Pro Plan is divided into two separate plans, Personal and Team. While the Personal Plan starts at $23/ user per month, the Team Plan requires at least 5 people for $12 per person.

Is Scribe AI secure?

Scribe is committed to protecting your privacy. We ensure data protection through several controls. All of this data is encrypted and protected by access control measures and alerting and monitoring systems.

Does scribe work for Excel?

Pro and Enterprise users can use the Scribe desktop app to capture any application or actions performed outside of the browser. This means you can create Scribes on desktop tools such as Excel, Zoom, legacy software, operating systems, and more. Learn how to download the Mac app or Windows app.

Is Scribe AI any good?

Scribe is a revolutionary tool that allows you to capture and share processes swiftly and efficiently. With Scribe, you can automatically generate step-by-step guides for any process, making it an indispensable tool for teams and individuals alike.

Is scribe only for Chrome?

Currently, Scribe supports Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers only. If you need to create Scribes using other browsers, a workaround would be to use our desktop app, which can generate guides for any application on your computer (by capturing your entire screen). It comes with our Pro and Enterprise plans.

Existe a possibilidade da IA criar conteúdos iguais aos existentes e isso ser um plágio?

Não, a IA não se repete na escrita dos textos e passa com sucesso em testes de plagiarismo conhecidos no mercado.

O conteúdo escrito pela IA é de qualidade?

Sim, a IA foi treinada com mais de 3 milhões de parâmetros em cima dos modelos mais avançados de machine learning para processamento de linguagem natural do mundo.

A IA pode substituir o profissional de marketing no futuro?

Não, a ideia não é substituir o trabalho humano, mas sim auxiliá-lo a criar textos sem vieses cognitivos. Os resultados da IA dependem das informações fornecidas pelo usuário.

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