Restorephotos AI Reviews:Restore and repair photos with AI Tools

About Restorephotos AI

Have old and blurry face photos? Let our AI restore them so those memories can live on. 

Restorephotos AI Reviews:Restore and repair photos with AI Tools

Restore and repair photos with AI. Remove scratches, sharpen colors, and enhance faces in seconds. 

AI Photo Restorer

An AI Face Photo Restorer built on Next.js and Replicate.

Instant AI Image Restoration

With Fotor‘s AI photo restoration tool, you can now effortlessly repair your faded, scratched, or damaged photos online in just seconds! All you have to do is upload your photo, and watch Fotor restore the photo to its former glory in an instant. The image restoration process is 100% automatic. Gone are the days of spending hours manually restoring old photos in Photoshop. Experience a fast and easy photo restoration service with Fotor.

Repair Scratches, Stains, and Tears on Old Damaged Photos

Looking for a way to restore your stretched and damaged photos? Look no further than Fotor! Powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, our online photo restorer intelligently analyzes your photo, identifies damages in your old photo, and reconstructs the photo. Instantly remove scratches, stains, spots, tears, and creases and turn old photo to new photo.

Restore Photos to Their Original Clarity and Vibrance

Colors and details in photos may have faded over time. But worry not! Our powerful AI photo restoration tool can help you revive faded colors and remove image blurriness. Just upload your photo, and leave the rest to us. In no time, you will get a crisp and clear photo with enhanced sharpness and vibrant contrast. Moreover, Fotor has an advanced face enhancement feature that automatically unblurs faces and restores facial details in old photos. Say goodbye to faded colors and blurry images!

Enlarge & Enhance Restored Photos For Better Quality

Want to restore and enlarge your old photos to print them out in larger sizes so you can hang them on the wall? Besides restoring photos, we also offer professional AI upscaling. With just a single click, you can effortlessly transform your restored photos into high-resolution ones for printing. Restore photos and enhance photo quality all in one place. Experience the full power of Fotor’s image restoration tool today!

Restore Old Photos With Natural, Realistic Colors

Bring old photos back to life with colors! Our AI photo restoration tool helps you colorize old, black and white photos automatically and magically. Whether you’re looking to colorize old family photos, historical images, or your monochrome childhood snapshots, Fotor can handle them all. Add natural, realistic colors to your old photos to breathe new life into these priceless memories.

Free Photo Restoration App for iPhone & Android

Fotor is not just an online photo restoration tool, you can also use it on your iPhone or Android device to restore your image details. With just a single tap, you can make photo restoration for blurry, old photos and recover their details in an instant. You can also use the powerful built-in enhancement tools to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance your images for the best look. Restore images with Fotor now!

How to Restore Old Photos?

  • You can quickly and easily restore old photos online for free with Fotor’s AI photo restoration tool. Firstly, click on the “Restore Photo Now” button, and upload the old photo you want to restore from your device.
  • Then click the “Photo Restorer” button on the left menu to start the photo restoration process. Powered by advanced AI technology, Fotor will automatically remove scratches, tears, and spots from your old photo, restore faded colors and enhance details, all in no time.
  • If your old photo is black and white, you can take it a step further with the “Photo Colorizer” option. Fotor will automatically analyze your photo and add natural, realistic colors, bringing your old black and white photo to life.
  • If you’re satisfied with the restored photo, click the “Download” button to save it in high quality JPG or PNG format to your device. That’s it. You now have a restored image with superior quality ready to share right away.

Why Choose Fotor for Old Photo Restoration?

Fast & Easy Photo Restoration

Restore images online automatically within 5 seconds. No technical skills are needed at all.

High-Quality Result

Our old photo restoration tool handles a wide range of restoration needs- scratches, tears, stains, faded colors, water damaged photos, and more.

AI Face Restoration

Automatically detect human faces in old photos. Remove blur and recover facial details in no time.

Natural and Realistic Colorization

Add authentic and lifelike colors to black and white photos. Discover your old photos in a whole new light.

Multiple Platforms Supported

Our photo restorer tool is compatible with all major web browsers and devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Safe Photo Restorer

Your privacy is our top priority. We utilize SSL encryption to safeguard your files and all uploaded photos will be deleted after restoration.

What users say about AI Photo Restorer?

Photo retouchers, store shoppers, families and individuals are restoring old photos to bring them back to life.

Restorephotos is a lifesaver! My old family photo was faded and torn. I was skeptical about restoring it. But Restorephotos’s photo restoration brought it back to life with astounding clarity and color. I’m so grateful to have this precious photo restored to its full glory!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how clear and vivid my grandparents’ wedding photo became after using Restorephotos AI photo restorer tool. The restoration process was fast and the colorization was incredibly realistic. Highly satisfied!

I tried several online photo restoration services before discovering Fotor. I was impressed by the natural colorization and seamless reconstruction of my old photos. I’ll definitely be using Fotor for all my restoration needs!

Restorephotos io

This project restores old face photos using AI. Watch the 4 minute explainer video to see how I built this or see the 15 second demo.

How it works

It uses an ML model from the Applied Research Center called GFPGAN on Replicate to restore face photos. This application gives you the ability to upload any photo, which will send it through this ML Model using a Next.js API route, and return your restored photo.

Running Locally

Note: I just added auth so these steps are not complete as of now. You can git clone from this specific commit.

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