HitPaw Reviews:an AI Video Translator tool,AI Photo Enhancer

About HitPaw

HitPaw features an easy-to-use online AI video translator that breaks language barriers and helps you reach global audiences. Just upload or link your video, choose a language, and HitPaw will use advanced AI to translate the videos in minutes. This is a useful tool for localizing training videos, films, social media content and more.

HitPaw Reviews:an AI Video Translator tool,AI Photo Enhancer

AI Photo Enhancer

This photo clear app can enhance pixelated, blurred, or old photos to amazing HD quality with just one click! Restore old photos into high definition and one-tap beauty your face like real magic. Colorize and improve old pics, remove unwanted objects from photo, and create cartoon pictures of your selfie to get ready to meet your cartoon self. The new AI Video feature allows you to create your own AI-stylized videos with HitPaw’s AI photo enhancer!

——– HitPaw’s photo enhancer app helps you to… ——–

Enhance Photo Quality:

– Auto recognize faces in selfies and enhance facial details in seconds.

– Improve photo quality and make your portrait, selfie, or group picture clearer.

– Sharpen and fix blurry photos, make out of focus pictures clarity and clear.

– Repair old, scratched photos, or damaged photos and enhance your old photo to HD quality.

Remove Object:

– Easily remove unwanted objects from photos with our powerful AI and image-processing technologies: person, logos, text, blemishes, stickers, watermarks, wrinkles, clutter, shadow, acne, freckles, defects, strangers, tourists, bombers, creases, stains, grain, spot, ex…

Automatic Beauty:

– Auto beautify your selfies and make your photos more beautiful, natural, and realistic.

– Optimize any selfie, and eliminate pimples and unwanted spots with a simple tap.

– Create high-quality portraits with HitPaw’s photo quality enhancer.

– Auto-retouch and remove pimples, acne, wrinkle, and dark circle.

Cartoon Yourself:

– Cartoon yourself in any way you want within just seconds.

– Create wonderful avatar profile pictures that are perfect for social media.

– Offer unique cartoon filters to restyle your photos. Japanese anime, 3D, hand-paint, pencil drawing, artist special effects, sketching, and other comic styles are available in HitPaw’s cartoon maker.

Colorize Photo:

– Сolorize black and white photos, making it look new with HD Camera.

– Color old pictures, and bring them back to life with colorization.

– Restore old photos & images with HitPaw’s one-touch photo editor.

AI Videos:

– Use the image-to-image function to generate a series of images and stitches them together to create a video.

– Apply your favorite template to create amazing transitions easily between the original video and the AI video.

– Support lots of templates to choose and satisfy the style of video you want.

Other Powerful Features:

– Restore & revitalize old photos.

– Enhance photo quality to HD without watermark.

– Clear old family or camera photos.

– Make every selfie look fancy with AI photo enhancer.

– Animate photos and create Digital cartoons in seconds.

AI Photo Enhancer – HitPaw is a one-click AI enhancer app and the only app you’ll ever need to enhance or restore your photos.

AI Video Translator For

With superb AI video translation technology, HitPaw helps to expand reach to global audiences to enhance engagement and boost the discoverability of videos, making videos available in multiple languages quickly and cost-effectively.

YouTube Videos 

Training Videos 

Business Growt 

Speak Local, Go Global

Break Language Barriers with AI

HitPaw Online AI Video Translator offers advanced video translation services with multiple language choices to make your video content accessible to global audiences.

Text to Speech & Speech to Text

As a speech to text online tool, it can transcribe audio to multiple languages accurately. Choose male or female voice as the speaker, and speech your texts naturally, fluently and realistically in HitPaw Online.


Voice Clone

Best AI voice cloner to replicate and mimic a person’s voice. It applys ai voice clone technology to allow users to generate speech that sounds like a specific individual.

Lip Sync

Worried that different languages will cause a poor lip sync? With lip syncing feature, it ensures that the character’s lip movements match the spoken words accurately, creating a realistic and visually appealing result.

Auto Subtitle Generator

Auto generate subtitles for YouTube videos or other video content effectively. Furthermore, it allows you to edit the generated subtitles to improve the accuracy of video translations.

AI Video Generator

Save time and costs by automating video generation and enhancing video quality with AI, while also enabling creativity and customization for personalized video content.

Voice Changer

A real-time AI voice changer online to change voice into female, male, celebrity, cartoon, robot for YouTube videos, films and more video contents.


1. What payment methods does HitPaw support?

Currently we accept Credit Card, PayPal, Direct Debit, Bank/Wire transfer, Check/Money Order, Fax-Credit Card and Invoice, etc. Credit Card is highly recommended.

2. Does HitPaw Online Products need registration code like other HitPaw Products?

No. You may experience HitPaw Online Products once you finish your order. Reload or check your email to login again to make sure that your pro account is working with related product if necessary.

3. Can my pro accounts apply to all HitPaw Online products?

Sorry, pro plans for different online products do not support sharing. For example, if you’ve subscribed Online Photo Enhancer Pro to your account, you may need to subscribe Image Watermark Remover Pro again to get corresponding pro features.

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