Deepswap Reviews:Best online face swap tool to make deepfake videos in a sec

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About Deepswap

Free Online AI Face Swap is an online deepfake website tool that is used to create any types of deepfake projects within a few seconds. It is the best online deepfake tool that allows users to create deepfake videos with few simple clicks.

Deepswap Reviews:Best online face swap tool to make deepfake videos in a sec

Best AI Girl Generator for Real & Anime Portrait Creation

Deepswap is an easy-to-use online app that lets you create fun face swap videos, photos, and GIFs. With its powerful AI, you can put your face on celebrities, movie characters, memes, and more. Swap faces in just 3 simple steps – upload, choose a face, and download your creation. Deepswap offers advanced features like swapping multiple faces at once and creating high-quality edits that look realistic.

Deepswap – AI Face Swap Online App

Deepswap is an online AI face swap app to generate faceswap videos, photos, and GIFs. Over 150 million users make funny face swapping here, including movie role refacing, gender swaps, face memes, etc. Spoof your friends now!

Best AI Girl Generator for Real & Anime Portrait Creation

Create unique real beauties or anime girls with AI magic by simple prompts and reference images.

Generate Your Dream Goddess with AI Now

One-click to create fantastic real characters or unique modern-looking portraits, turning your wild dream to reality.

 Customize your AI mistress’s looks, clothing, pose, etc. with text.

 Faceswap and generate a celebrity-lookalike with a reference photo.

 Convert text into realistic beauty image within seconds.

 Recreate or edit your dream girl pic by one click.

 Easily get stunning AI generated models or girls for your business.

Create AI Generated Girls in Anime Style

Turn prompts to cute or sexy anime girls using advanced AI deep art technique, unleashing your imagination.

 Create your own anime girl pfp or wallpaper in high quality.

 Build your girlfriend galleries with DIY AI girls.

 Get AI generated anime images in one or more girds.

 Generate incredible AI anime art for your fan art.

 Fast make custom anime character illustration for your fan fiction.

Can Deepswap Create Any Faceswap You Want?

With Deepswap, you can switch to faces of anyone online, no installation, no ads and no watermark. It’s also an all-in-one AI video generator, photo editor and GIF maker for fast faceswap. Create your face magic with the user-friendly and data-safe face swap app!

Movie Role-Play Video Generator

You will be provided with the most advanced AI face changing technology by Deepswap app. The potential for video maker and character changes is unlimited.

Create any high-quality face swap videos with faces of those famous movie roles and get shockingly realistic results. Try and paste your face on Wednesday Addams or more!

One-Sec Face Swap Photo Editor

If you want to edit a compelling faceswap photo without too much effort, DeepSwap is your optimal option.

The face swap online app is also your best photo editor to generate a brand new refacing ID photo, wedding photo, traveling photo and more images. People will barely notice it is a reface due to the AI-powered seamless quality.

Funniest Meme and GIF Maker

GIFs and memes can help boost the effectiveness of your social media and content marketing efforts. And it is no longer difficult to create a funny and unique face meme GIF.

With Deepswap GIF maker, you can create trending memes and get huge traffic on your social platforms. Why not try it now and enjoy the feeling of being in the spotlight?

Deepswap Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide

Deepfake projects are now becoming easier to create day by day due to automated software that leverages artificial intelligence to produce synthetic media. is a deepfake website tool that is used to create any type of deepswap project within a few seconds. It is the best online deepfake tool that allows users to create unlimited deepswap projects with a few simple clicks.

Deepswap Reviews:Best online face swap tool to make deepfake videos in a sec

Now, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of how to use

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What Should You Do before the Deepfake?

Create a Deepswap Account

Setting up an account is the first and simplest step to creating a perfect deepfake project on The registration form will require you to provide your email address, username, and password. After creating your account, the system will send a verification code to your email and further require you to confirm and verify your email before the registration is completed.

Choose a Plan

Deepswap Reviews:Best online face swap tool to make deepfake videos in a sec

You can choose between a monthly plan or a yearly plan. The monthly plan comes with a few bucks and a 50% discount. You can enjoy unlimited uploads, free swaps, and 1 credit per 15 seconds video or GIF file. For a yearly subscription, you get a 50% discount on the first-year plan. All the premium packages are provided, including priority processing on all your files.

That being said, non-premium users only enjoy 2 free swaps and one credit per 15 seconds video, so to create unlimited swaps, ensure you select a subscription plan to enjoy better results and perfect deepfakes. Check here to view the available subscription plans: DeepSwap Subscription Plan.

3 Easy Steps to Make a Deepfake on Deepswap

To generate a perfect deepfake project using the deepswap tool, you need to prepare a frontal view face photo/ GIF/ video. Here are 3 easy steps to put a face on a body with Deepswap AI generator:

Step 1: Upload a Photo/ Video / GIF File

Deepswap Reviews:Best online face swap tool to make deepfake videos in a sec

Open the page HERE. Click “Upload File” button and select a photo, video or GIF that you want to paste a face on. Also, you can upload a long video within 10 mins.

Recommended Size & Length:

  • Video: Max 100 MB, 120s
  • Photo: Max 10 MB
  • GIF: Max 15 MB

Step 2: Add a Target Face for Your File

You will see the source face(s) that Deepswap recognizes from your uploaded file on the top. Confirm the source face(s). Then, click “Add face” to upload a new image with a target face to your project, and ensure you’re using a face of similar skin color. Also, you can choose a target face from the history list if you’ve uploaded one before.

Deepswap Reviews:Best online face swap tool to make deepfake videos in a sec

Step 3: Generate and Save the AI Deepfake Result

Confirm the target face(s). The selected new faces will appear beside the source faces. One thing to notice here is that Deepswap support at most 6 faces deepfake, so you can use faces of movie stars or someone else in your project.

Then, press the “Face swap” bottom, and the system will process the files. Deepswap will replace the source face with the target face and generate a perfect deepfake file within a few seconds.

Deepswap Reviews:Best online face swap tool to make deepfake videos in a sec

Now, you can preview the deepfake result and press “Save” button to download the deepfake file. We suggest you download the deepfake results in time because to protect users’ privacy, Deepswap will remove the generated deepfakes 7 days after it generates.

Deepswap Reviews:Best online face swap tool to make deepfake videos in a sec

Also, you can click “Upload next file” to start a new deepfake project when waiting for the result. Just leave Deepswap app conducting the rest.

Now, it is your turn to make a deepfake with Deepswap AI:

Contact Support for Any Inquiry

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the support center for any inquiry via [email protected].


That’s it. This is all about Deepswap tutorial. is the best online deepfake tool that leverages deep learning to create perfect deepswap projects within a few seconds with some simple clicks. You do not need any prior knowledge of computer programming to create a perfect deepfake project on

Deepswap – AI Face Swap Online FAQ

About Subscription

1. PRO Version & Subscription Types

As a  member, you will get 20 credits per month for swapping videos or gif, 1 GIF=1 credit, 15s video=1 credit. You can upload pictures and videos without limit. Subscriptions are automatically charged each billing cycle (month/year). You will be billed within 24 hours before the start of each billing cycle.

Monthly subscription:

  1. Unlimited to upload photo and video
  2. 20 credits per month
  3. Higher priority in AI queue
  4. No watermark

Annually subscription:

  1. Unlimited to upload photo and video
  2. 20 credits per month
  3. Higher priority in AI queue
  4. No watermark

Issuance time:

On next month’s natural day, for example, benefits will be issued on the 10th of the following month if you purchase a membership on the 10th of this month. (Once the subscription service is enabled, the renewal function will be activated by default.)

2. What Subscription Plans Are There?

The subscription plans include a one-month plan and a one-year plan. Check the pricing page of for detailed information.

Monthly Plan

The monthly plan costs $19.99, but you can still enjoy a 50% discount, which is equivalent to the current $9.99. This discount is only valid for a limited time, so now is the best time to subscribe.

Annual Plan

The fee for the first year of the 12-month program is $99.99. It offers a 50% discount price, which is equivalent to $49.99, and it will return to the normal cost of $99.99 in the subsequent annual plans.

Premium Users

Premium users can upload videos, GIFs, and photos for free, and upload without restriction.

Click and check pricing details:

3. How to Unsubscribe

If you are not satisfied with the face-swapping results, you can contact customer service for help, or

1) Unsubscribe via PayPal by Yourself:

Activity >select the Recurring payment to DEEP CREATION > check the Transaction details > click View Recurring Payment Details> manage automatic payments> select cancel

2) Get Support from Us:

You coluld fill out the Form to cancel your recurring payment. (We usually process your submitted application form within 30 days)

4. Risk Control Rules

Pro users:

  • Unlimited number of face swapping (per day): 100 times after triggering the first risk control, the cooling time is 15 minutes, and then every 15 face swapping again trigger the cooling.
  • Unlimited photo uploads (per day): The first risk control will be triggered after 200 uploads, with a cooling time of 5 minutes, and then every 50 uploads will trigger the cooling again.
  • Total maximum number of face swapping for a single video upload: 50 times.

5. Free Credit Giveaways

We host free credit giveaways in our official Discord server. Join the Discord community now so you don’t miss out on all the fun events!

6.Pro Member Still Requires Payment 

If you purchase our membership, you can enjoy the monthly benefits we provide. However, due to the limited computing resources of our servers, even if members exceed their monthly benefits, they still need to pay extra. 

7. Self-Check Benefits Issues Guide 

If you find that your membership or points benefits have not been issued after completing the transaction, it is recommended that you first go to the page to check your transaction status and benefit issuance. If there is any discrepancy between the record and the actual situation, please contact our customer service as soon as possible for assistance. 

8.About Membership Status 

The three types of membership status are: 

  1. Activated – means you are a subscribed member and the automatic renewal function is activated. 
  2. Canceled – means you are a subscribed member but the automatic renewal function has been turned off. 
  3. Expired – means your subscription has expired and the automatic renewal function cannot be renewed due to abnormal transaction status.

About Payment and Refund

1. The Payment Prompts Pending

Pending means that you have withdrawn from the payment when your order is not completed, which means that the order has not been successful and will be automatically cleared after a few hours.

2. Payment Problems/ Inability to Make Payment

Please contact PayPal customer service:

  1. PayPal has not been activated in some regions.
  2. If your credit or debit card is unavailable, please replace it.

3. How to Get a Refund?

If it is for other reasons or if you insist on a refund, please refer to our Refund Policy and fill out the Feedback Form accordingly.

We would like to inform you that refunds we can only process a refund if you have not used any credits. If you have used any credits, we will not be able to process the refund. After the dispute, you will be blocked definitively from our website, free and premium service.

4. Wrong Subscription Plan Purchased 

If you have purchased the wrong subscription plan, don’t worry because we have a solution for you. You can submit a refund request through PayPal and once your refund is complete, you can repurchase the correct subscription plan. 

5. After Canceling Subscription/ Refund 

We understand that you may have concerns about your refund request. Once you have submitted a refund request for goods or services through Google online forms or PayPal, our staff will usually process your request within 30 days. Even if there is a delay in canceling the subscription and a second subscription is made, you do not need to worry. You can initiate a refund again to recover losses. 

About Upload

1. Possible Causes of Upload Failure

In Deepswap file upload, if the file you uploaded is unclear, the face will not be detected, and the upload will fail. Here are some common reasons why uploading fails:

  1. Covering part of the face, especially eyes.
  2. Only one side of the face is shown.
  3. The faces are too small.
  4. The lights are too dim.
  5. Video resolution or bitrate is too low (too blurry).
  6. There are too many faces in one scene/picture (leading to error).
  7. Video or photo size is larger than 1920 x 1080.
  8. Ensure the quality and clarity of the video and target faces.

The target face should appear with high precision, without blurring, or moving, and the subject is facing the front.

2. What Kinds of Files Do I Need to Upload?

You need to upload a video file, GIF file, or image file.

Please refer to the following upload requirements

  • Maximum input resolution: 1920*1080
  • Maximum output resolution: 1280*1280
  • Video formats: MP4, MOV
  • Image format: .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG
  • Frame rate: 25-60
  • Maximum video size and length: 100MB/120s
  • Long video upload maximum size and length: 500MB/10min

4. What Will Happen When I Upload a Single-sided or Covered Photo?

The system rejects any form of unclear photos, especially the ones with the face covered or only one side of the face viewed. Besides, the system will not be able to detect the face when it is covered by glasses and other items.

5. Inappropriate Content Detected

Based on our terms of service, we strictly prohibit users from uploading any form of material that includes children or animals. Frequent triggering of this prompt will greatly increase the chance of your account being banned. Please be sure to pay attention.

Data and Account

1. Login Methods

There are three ways to log in Deepswap: Google, Facebook, and email. Please remember the way you registered when you first entered the website, otherwise, you will have multiple accounts.

2. How to Delete My Deepfake Data?

Your data will be automatically deleted after 7 days. All creations on our website can only be viewed and shared by yourself. Your uploaded videos will be saved in your own records. The photos uploaded and changed faces will be deleted within seven days. And you can choose to delete the video you uploaded. We won’t record any of them.

3. How to Delete an Account?

We do not have the function of deleting accounts. You can delete uploaded videos or your creations on the website. There is no backup in our system. In other words, your creations will expire after 7 days, and any deletion of your creations or uploaded original materials is permanent. If you are still not sure about your data, you can contact customer service and send your registered email to clear your registration record.

4. What If I Am Not a Member but There’re Credits on the Account?

You can upload videos using credits, but you can only swap faces twice a day for free.

5. Is Safe?

Yes! will only keep your basic information like Account ID and membership status for Customer Service. Your uploads and creations data will not be collected.

Read More: Deepfake Safety: Is Deepswap Safe?


1. Encounter Bugs While Using

This is definitely not what we want our customers to experience. Please provide more details, maybe screenshots or recorded videos of the problem you encountered, as well as your account ID and your mobile phone model, so that we can help solve the problem.

2. Can I Access Your Website on a Mobile Device?

Yes, our website is mobile-friendly.

3. How to Contact the Support Department?

Should there be any questions, please contact us through the following channels:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Discord:
  • Twitter: @deepswapweb
  • Instagram: @deepswap_web
  • YouTube: @DeepSwap
  • Facebook: @DeepSwap
  • TikTok: @deepswap_official

You can also follow us through all our social handles for updates and connect closer with our services.

4. Benefits of Joining Discord

We are excited to announce that you can now submit service tickets and receive support not only through email but also by joining the Deepswap community on Discord. Our Discord community offers efficient and high-quality service ticket handling, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for our customers.

In addition to our top-notch support, our Discord community also hosts various events and activities with attractive prizes and rewards. We invite you to join us and take advantage of all the benefits our community has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you on Discord!

5. How to Efficiently Provide Feedback?

If you encounter any issues while using our product, here are some tips on how to efficiently provide feedback to our technical support team:

Save any evidence related to the issue such as videos or images as soon as possible.

Follow the instructions provided by our technical support team to avoid making the problem more complicated.

After the issue is resolved, please provide feedback to our technical support team. This will help us assist other users who may encounter similar issues. Depending on the situation, we may also offer compensation or rewards for reporting the issue.

What are people saying about us?

great product to swap faces at your leisure and get funny results from these swaps highly recommend trying out for yourself it is super fun yes.

Good quality AI deepfake app. It’s constantly improving, and the company doesn’t really brag or let you know. You just notice it as time goes on. Website isn’t fancy looking, but everything you need is there and organized nicely.

My expectations were blown away. I mean, good god. Easy to use, surprisingly effective AI face swap app, the pictures came out clean. Would use again.

This site is truly a remarkable and amazing experience, i would definitely recommend it to people whom like praying pranks on their friends and have creative faceswaps that can make things more interesting and intriguing. highly recommended this Site.

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