Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation – create masterpieces in seconds!

About Artguru AI

Artguru’s AI cartoon generator makes creating cartoons easy. Just upload a photo or type in some text, and Artguru works its cartoon magic.

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

AI Image Generator from Text

Bring your ideas to life with AI art generator. Simply describe what you want the AI to create, adjust your settings, and watch as Artguru turns your words into stunning AI-generated images in just seconds.

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

a beautyfull girl with flowered hairs, centered, cherry blossom, goth style, acrylic color painting, highly detailed face, art by Banksy and carne griffiths and Agnes Cecile, dark vibrant, trending on artstation, hd, 4k, 8k, extreamly high resolution

AI Art Generator from Photo

Take your photos to the next level with our AI art generator. Simply upload your image and choose from a wide range of art styles, including different styles of paintings, anime, cyberpunk, 3D, and more. Our powerful artificial intelligence can turn your photo into a stunning masterpiece.

AI Avatar & Portrait Generator

Elevate your social media presence with personalized AI avatars created from your selfies. Our AI technology uses your selfie to generate realistic avatars that showcase your distinct features. Choose from a range of styles to find your perfect look and transform your selfies with ease. Experience a stylish, new version of yourself like never before with just a few taps.

Free Online AI Art Generator – Create AI Art from Text & Photo

Face Swap Online

Instantly create funny or realistic face swaps. Get started by uploading your photo!

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

Just upload your clear images to generate face swapping in seconds.

AI Headshot Generator

Showcase professionalism with AI-generated headshots. Artguru AI creates polished, natural portraits ideal for LinkedIn, resumes, business cards, social media, and beyond. Just upload selfies to create your perfect professional look.

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

How to work

Turn Ordinary Selfies into Professional Headshots

Artguru AI generates ideal business headshots for you. Our algorithm analyzes your portraits and automatically fine-tunes lighting, angles and expressions for natural, high-quality results. Forget hiring photographers – get commercial-grade headshots simply by uploading your selfies. Compared to traditional photography, Artguru improves efficiency while ensuring optimal quality. No more scheduling hassles, outfit changes or pose adjustments. Let our AI handle every detail and output professional portraits. Experience the innovation of AI with Artguru today!

01 Choose Styles

Pick up your desired styles. Artguru generates 8 headshots per style.

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

02 Upload Photos

Upload 6+ close-up portraits with varied backgrounds and expressions.

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

03 Preview & Download

Our AI generates headshots after receiving your photos. Preview and download when ready.

Create Perfect Headshots for Business Profiles

Artguru’s AI-powered headshot generator lets you ditch the stuffy corporate look and highlight your expertise, approachability and uniqueness with professionally touched up photos. Our advanced portrait generator utilizes artificial intelligence to refine your images with automated enhancements. Effortlessly refresh and boost your personal and company brand across LinkedIn, work badges, websites, resumes and more.

Stand Out on Social Media with AI Headshots

Level up your social media presence with a one-of-a-kind avatar. Artguru’s AI headshot generator can generate customized avatar images that represents the real you. Whether you want a yoga-loving health enthusiast, a traveling adventure seeker or a savvy business professional – our AI creates realistic avatars tailored to your desired look and personality and stand out from the crowd on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and beyond. Artguru makes it easy and fun to create social avatars that get you noticed


How long does it take to generate the headshots?

It depends on server traffic, but headshot generation typically takes around 60 minutes. Once done, you’ll see the finished headshots available for preview and download in your “My Images” area.

Will my photos be kept private?

Absolutely. Your generated photos are completely private, and you can delete them whenever you wish.

What is the resolution of the generated headshots?

The Standard and Plus plans generate high 3K+ resolution headshots around 3000 x 4000 pixels. These provide crisp clarity for professional digital uses like social media, websites and portfolios. The high resolution also scales well when printed. Standard and Plus are recommended for business, professional and corporate users who need premium quality headshots. \nThe Mini plan generates headshots at 768×768 resolution. These are suitable for basic social media avatar images or thumbnail website uses, for casual users on a budget.

Can I use the generated headshots however I want?

Yes, you have full commercial rights to use the AI generated headshots however you need.

What kind of photos should I upload?

Please upload at least 6 high quality, close-up headshot photos. For best results, include a diverse range of headshots featuring different locations, lighting conditions and angles. More varied photos allow our AI to generate outputs with better fidelity.

Free AI Image Generator

Transform your text into captivating AI-generated images.

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

Instant Text to Diverse AI Image Magic

Artguru’s Text-to-Image AI generator simplify the image creation process. By simply inputting your chosen words, this AI-driven tool can generate a diverse range of image styles and types. Whether you’re seeking an elegant illustration, a vibrant character portrait, a masterpiece inspired by renowned artists, a captivating anime depiction, or even a sophisticated 3D model for business purposes, Artguru has you covered.

How to Make AI-Generated Images from Text?

Step 1

Write words that describe the picture you want. For example, “a girl with red hair smiling in a field of flowers”.

Step 2

Pick the size, aspect ratio, style, and other choices for the image. You can use negative prompts to refine the output as needed.

Step 3

Click “Generate” to create the image. Look at the image and change the description or options if needed to improve it. When you like the image, save or share it.

Why Choose Artguru AI Image Generator

Fast Generation

Create up to 4 stunning AI images in just seconds with our optimized text-to-image models.

Daily Free Credits

Get free points each day to create AI-generated images from your text descriptions.

Use Anywhere

Artguru’s AI image generator works on any device. Save and access your art anytime.

Latest AI Tech

We keep updating with the newest AI to make the best pictures from your words.


What AI models does Artguru AI image generator use?

Artguru utilizes Stable Diffusion, the most advanced open-source AI model for text-to-image generation. Our engineers have optimized it for speed and creative freedom.

Can I use AI-generated images commercially?

Yes, you own full rights to AI artworks created with Artguru. Feel free to use them personally or commercially without restrictions.

How can I create great images with Artguru?

Write descriptive text prompts that clearly depict your desired image. Referencing Stable Diffusion examples online can help craft effective prompts.

What are the uses for Artguru AI image generator?

Turn your ideas into stunning AI images. It’s great for creative projects, content creation, design inspiration, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Is Artguru’s AI image generator really free?

Yes, Artguru offers a free experience. You get complimentary credits daily to generate AI images without paying. Each image uses 1 credit.

AI Art Generator from Photo

Transform any photos into AI artworks effortlessly. Upload your photo, choose a style, and let Artguru handle the rest.

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

A Variety of Artistic Styles Powered By AI

Artguru’s photo to AI art generator offers a diverse collection of styles inspired by various artistic genres and renowned artists. It constantly expands its repertoire to provide new and exciting creative possibilities. With just a single click, witness the remarkable transformation of your ordinary images into stunning and captivating creations!

Transform Photo into Oil Painting

Transform your photos into stunning oil paintings effortlessly with Artguru AI’s painting generator. Whether you desire the elegance of Renaissance or the charm of Impressionist art, this powerful AI tool replicates the texture and brushwork of classic oil paintings, enabling you to achieve the desired oil painting effect on your portraits or vintage landscapes.

Turn Photo into Watercolor

Elevate your photos with the fresh and vibrant beauty of watercolor paintings using Artguru AI. Experience the brilliance of colors and unique brushstrokes as AI meticulously enhances your images to match the skills of a professional master painter. With just a few clicks, Artguru AI enables you to add stunning watercolor effects to your pictures.

Turn Photo into Sketch

Turn your photos into captivating line drawings with Artguru AI’s advanced technology. The AI art generator captures the essence of your images and creates intricate sketches that emphasize outlines and distinctive features. Whether you want to transform portraits, landscapes, or any other picture into striking line art, this remarkable AI image generating tool delivers precise and detailed results.

Transform Photo into Cartoon

Transform your photos into adorable cartoons effortlessly with Artguru AI. Our AI-driven process guarantees precise rendering and high-quality results in caricaturing your photos. Try the Artguru AI anime generator now to create cute and fun caricatures or simply make a cartoon avatar of yourself.

Create Concept Art from Photo

Unleash your imagination and transform your ideas into visual masterpieces with Artguru AI. Whether you’re designing characters, environments, or entire worlds, our AI empowers you to create stunning concept art. With its user-friendly interface and powerful algorithms, Artguru AI makes the process of art creation intuitive and enjoyable.

Transform Photo into Cyberpunk Style

Immerse yourself in a cyberpunk futuristic world with Artguru AI. Our advanced algorithms analyze your photos and add cyberpunk elements such as holographic displays, futuristic architecture, and vibrant lighting effects. Experience the neon cityscapes, dystopian environments, and futuristic elements that define the cyberpunk genre with Artguru AI-generated images.

How to Generate AI Art from Photo

1.Upload a Photo

Upload a photo, which can be a portrait, animal, landscape, or any other subject you desire to transform into AI art.

2.Choose a Style

Select any style you like, considering that some styles are more suitable for portraits or animals, while others are better suited for landscapes or scenes.

3.Enter Prompts (optional)

If desired, you can also enter prompts or negative prompts to describe the details that you do not want to include in your image.

4.Generate Your Image

Click on the “Generate” button to initiate the AI art creation process.


Which art styles does Artguru provide?

Artguru image to AI art generator offers over 10 art styles, including line anime, drawing, watercolor, oil painting, cartoon, modern digital art, cyberpunk, and more. The collection continues to grow and update regularly.

What types of photos can I use with the Artguru AI art generator from photo?

You can use various types of photos, including selfies, portraits, and even sketches. It is designed to enhance and transform different types of images into unique AI art styles.

How long does it take to generate AI art from photo with Artguru?

The generation process is quick and efficient. Within seconds, you can transform your photos into unique AI art styles, allowing you to instantly see the remarkable results.

Can I safely upload my own photo?

Rest assured, you can safely upload your photos to Artguru AI image generator. Your privacy is a top priority, and all uploaded photos are promptly deleted after AI image generation.

What kind of files will I receive?

The image-to-image files generated by Artguru’s AI art creator are delivered as PNG images with a resolution of 3k.

Remove Background from Image

Automatically erase backgrounds from any photo with AI in one click.

Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!

Remove Bg for All Photos in HD Quality

Artguru’s smart background eraser delivers professional-quality results on any image you upload. It works equally well to remove backgrounds from portraits, products, pets, logos, textures, patterns – you name it.

Real Estate

Easily and Quickly Erase Backgrounds

The AI-powered background eraser provides instant background removal with zero effort. Just upload your picture and AI will automatically analyze the photo, identify the subject accurately, and make the background transparent in seconds. Our smart remover does all the work for you, making background removal easy and fast.

New Background Changer Coming Soon

We are adding a new feature to our site – a background changer. This will allow you to easily replace backgrounds in your photos with something new. You can pick one we provide or use your own. It will work together with our background remover to give you full control. Remove old backgrounds fast. Add perfect new ones easily. Sign up for updates to get early access.


Does the BG remover lower the photo quality?

No, our background remover keeps your full photo quality. It only takes out the background. Your main subject stays completely intact.

How accurate is the background removal?

Very accurate. Our smart AI can recognize small details like hair, fur, glass, smoke, etc. It erases the background while keeping the edges looking natural.

Can I use the background remover for free?

Yes, we have a free plan available for anyone. The free plan can enjoy some free credits everyday.

AI Photo Enhancer

Automatically enhance your photos with AI. Simply upload and experience instant results.

Improve Image Quality with Artguru’s AI Magic

Artguru’s AI photo enhancer makes your pics shine by automatically increasing resolution, sharpening, removing grain, boosting color, and enlarging – all with one easy click.

Turn Blurry Photos Clear

With smart technology, Artguru enhances photo quality by making blurry images sharp and clear. It reveals small details, removes blurriness, and improves the edges, bringing back the intended look of your pictures. Faces appear clear and focused, building outlines stand out, and landscape views become impressively sharp.


Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!


Reduce Image Noise

Grainy specks can take away from your photos’ beauty, especially in low light. Artguru AI Image Enhancer can help clear up the graininess while keeping your photo-realistic. This leaves you with clean, smooth photos without losing realness. Your night and low-light shots will really stand out and shine without all that ugly graininess.


Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!


Boost Photo Colors

Colors spark feelings and tell stories in your photos. Artguru photo enhancer brings new life to your pics by boosting dull colors and fixing color issues. Our smart technology ensures the colors in all your photos become more intense yet look natural, not fake. Make your images pop off the screen with enhanced colors that wow.


Artguru AI Review:Explore the magic of AI art generation - create masterpieces in seconds!


Enlarge Image

Sometimes, you want to make a picture bigger but not lose quality. Artguru’s Image Enlarger feature lets you do this. It makes your photos larger while keeping them looking crisp and sharp. This is great for printing out big photos for frames or albums. It also works well for presentations on big screens. And it lets you zoom in on tiny details in your shot and see them more clearly.

Restore Old Photos

Have you ever seen old, worn-out photos and wanted to fix them up? Artguru AI makes your wish come true. It uses AI technology to breathe new life into old pics: boost faded colors, erase scratches, smooth out creases, lift away stains, and rebuilt damaged sections. Your precious memories become clear and bright again.

Enhance Portraits Effortlessly

Artguru’s AI photo enhancer is specially designed to improve your people pics. It makes thoughtful little tweaks to photos that bring out your natural beauty. For example, it can smooth skin, brighten eyes, and make blurry portraits look clearer. This works great on portraits, selfies, family photos, and more. Artguru ensures you and your friends or family look your very best. Give Artguru a try today to enhance your portraits!

Elevate Landscape Photography

Taking pics of cool nature stuff can be tricky with lighting and weather. But Artguru’s photo enhancer fixes that! It makes your landscape shots pop more and shows the true amazing beauty you saw. No more dim or blurry shots. Become an expert photographer with Artguru’s help!


Can I enhance my picture quality for free?

Yes, Artguru offers a free plan that allows you to enhance up to 5 photos per day at no cost.

What types of photos can Artguru enhance?

Artguru AI image enhancer improves all kinds of photos including portraits, landscapes, architecture, product, graphic, and more.

How long does the enhancement take?

The enhancements typically complete in under 5 seconds after uploading. Your improved photo is delivered with lightning fast speed.

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