Dubverse Reviews:AI Video dubbing tool

About Dubverse

Dubverse enables you to make your videos multilingual at the click of a button. It uses text-to-speech, AI translation, and generative AI to deliver ready-to-publish videos 10x faster than manual dubbing. With a self-servable script editor, you can seamlessly edit scripts with real-time translation. There are currently over 100 human-like AI voices to match your content type. Dubverse covers 30+ Indian and global languages, with built-in sharing and subtitle download utilities.

Dubverse Reviews:AI Video dubbing tool

Easiest (and magical) way to Dub videos

Make your content multilingual at a click of a button and reach more people.

Generative AI Creator platform that make you stand out from the crowd

With Dubverse, the creator in you can relax and let Generative AI do the heavy lifting for you

Get Dubbing

Start dubbing your videos with the power of AI in 150+ speakers

Get Subtitles

Generate super accurate subtitles for your videos in any language, on the go!

Text To Speech

Create super realistic human-like voice overs for your videos

Dubverse is a magic tool for Creators like you


Share your important stories with a wider audience and make your content accessible to people globally. Dubverse creates human-like, engaging voiceovers for your documentary films in multiple languages.

Informational Videos

Whether you’re sharing information about your business or providing educational content, make your content accessible to a global audience and provide valuable information to viewers in their native language.

How-To Videos

Dubverse is the ideal platform for dubbing your how-to videos. Help viewers learn new skills and techniques no matter where they are in the world by providing accurate dubbing in multiple languages.

Tech Tutorials

Technology is a universal language, and with Dubverse, you can make sure your tech tutorials reach a global audience. Provide accurate translations and realistic voiceovers to help viewers understand complex concepts.

News Segments

Stay on top of breaking news stories by dubbing your news segments. Dubverse can quickly and accurately translate and dub your content so you can provide up-to-date information to viewers across the world.

Make your videos speak more (languages)

AI-powered video dubbing

Using text to speech(TTS), advanced machine translation and generative AI, Dubverse Platform delivers ready-to-publish videos 10x faster than manual dubbing.

Dubverse Reviews:AI Video dubbing tool

Self-servable script editor

An advanced script editor with real-time translation is built to give you a seamless editing experience, without switching screens.

Dubverse Reviews:AI Video dubbing tool

Human-like voices

Choose human-like AI voices from a range of 450+ speakers across gender, age & style to match your content type


  • English


  • Hindi


  • English


  • Hindi


  • Spanish


  • French


  • Spanish


  • Spanish

60+ Indian and Global Languages Covered

Reach a larger audience by dubbing across languages in a single go, maximize the ROI on video creation

Dubverse Reviews:AI Video dubbing tool

Built-in sharing utility

Sharing is built into the platform for collaboration and for collecting feedback from your team at a single place.

Dubverse Reviews:AI Video dubbing tool

Download subtitles
on the go

Expand the limits of your video by adding subtitles in multiple languages and give a boost to your SEO

Dubverse Reviews:AI Video dubbing tool

Language experts available for you

Get access to our on-demand language experts to get quality assurance on your dubbed videos.

Dubverse Reviews:AI Video dubbing tool

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