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Part editing tool, part grammar checker, part writing coach, ProWritingAid provides an objective view of what's working and what's not in your text.


What is ProWritingAid AI?

Make your writing shine with our all-in-one AI tool, wherever you write.

ProWritingAid offers a grammar and style checker with over 3,000 explanations and videos written by experts.

Users can sign up for free and receive automated suggestions for grammar and style improvements, as well as access to masterclasses and tips from top writing experts.

ProWritingAid’s suggestions are available directly in all the apps users use, including MS Word, Google Docs, Slack, and many more.

The platform aims to help users express their ideas, stories, and knowledge with confidence, and offers a three-step process: sign up for free, improve writing with ProWritingAid’s suggestions, and share with confidence.

AI-powered analysis + human expertise

You’ll get ProWritingAid’s support in two ways:

1) Helpful automated suggestions

ProWritingAid delivers thousands of grammar and style improvements with the touch of a button. Get expert writing advice customized to what you’re writing where and when you need it.

2) Masterclasses, easy-to-follow tips, and inspiration from top writing experts

Whether you’re writing a new cover letter, a fantasy epic, or a college admissions essay, we’ve got the expert advice you need to make it unforgettable. Our roster of writing experts includes college professors from top-ranked universities, #1 NY Times bestselling authors, industry leading professionals, and more.

Great writing in three easy steps

1. Sign up for free

Sign up in 30 seconds—no credit card required.

2. Improve your writing

Review our suggestions to make your writing clean and clear.

3. Share with confidence

Feel great when you press send, knowing that your writing is excellent.

ProWritingAid AI Pricing

Free for basic writing suggestions, everywhere you write. Write and edit like a PRO for $10/month (billed annually $120).