Limeline AI Reviews:Let AI take all your online meetings

About Limeline

Limeline is an AI communication app that focuses on improving meetings. It allows you to create automated AI agents to conduct meetings and calls on your behalf, freeing you up to focus on other tasks. To use Limeline, simply create an AI agent, share the call link with meeting attendees, and let the AI assistant handle the meeting. You’ll get a real-time transcript and summary so you can quickly review the key discussion points. The Limeline mobile app works on both Android and iPhone.

Limeline AI Reviews:Let AI take all your online meetings

Limeline AI -Meetings  reimagined: Let AI do the talking

With Limeline, AI takes the call for you. Dive into insights, not lengthy conversations. Welcome to the future of efficient communication.

Create, Conduct, and Conclude Meetings Seamlessly with Limeline

  1. Create automated AI agents for meetings and calls
  2. Share call link with anyone you’d like information from
  3. Get real-time transcripts and summaries
  4. Listen back to your calls anytime

Explore time-saving features for enhanced team productivity where they are

Limeline provides useful features for all types of use cases, be it Sales, Customer Success, Research, Recruiting, Marketing, IT, Education and more

Offer flexibility to respond

Let anyone respond to your questions, or give you information anytime.


Automate routine communications, increate attendance & save time.

AI-curated meetings

Let AI qualify, route, and conduct your meetings with accuracy & efficiency.

Make it easy to talk to you

Create AI agents to talk to anyone on your behalf and collect information you need or answer questions.

Customize the call experience

Branded call experience to match your company’s requirements and implement native experiences fast.

Cross-platform features that meet your users where they are

Limeline mobile app allows users to dial in using their phone

  1. Enable users to take meetings with AI over phone
  2. Works with Android and iPhone
  3. Provides a reliable high-quality experience

We are working hard to bring you the mobile app. It will be available soon.

Offer robust AI-curated meetings in minutes, using Limeline API

  1. Create call links using an API call
  2. Connect a branded AI meeting experience
  3. Route back users to your app


What are the advantages of Limeline?

Limeline is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps you conduct meetings and calls without having to be present. It also provides you with a summary of the meeting and a recording of the call. This way, you can focus on the important parts of the meeting and not worry about taking notes.

How much does Limeline cost?

We have our plans mentioned on the pricing page. Note that we only charge you for the calls that are recorded.

Is Limeline audio only?

Yes, Limeline is audio only. We are working on video support and will release it soon.

How many agents and meetings can I create?

Each plan has a limit on the number of agents and meetings you can create. You can upgrade your plan anytime.

What type of customer support will I get?

We have a dedicated support team that will help you with any issues you face. You can reach out to us at [email protected].

Meet – your AI-powered delegate for meetings! Scripted or spontaneous, it handles the call, takes notes, and collects all data. Customize voices, download calls, and integrate seamlessly.

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