Second Nature AI Reviews:AI Sales Coaching Software

About Second Nature AI

Second Nature offers an AI-based conversational sales training software that is designed to improve your marketing and sales skills. The platform lets you practice any type of sales conversation to help train you or your teams communication and marketing efforts. Second Nature AI provides a “virtual pitch partner” that uses conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, scores them, and helps them improve on their own.

Second Nature AI Reviews:AI Sales Coaching Software


AI-Powered Role Plays.

Effective, Quick, Efficient Training.World-class companies choose Second Nature’s Sales Training Software

The numbers don’t lie

Get your sales teams selling better & faster

  • 46%More
  • 45%More sales
  • 28%More bottom
    line sales
  • 30%Decrease in
    Onboarding Time

Second Nature Named a Leader G2 Report | Fall 2023

Second Nature is proud to have been ranked
nd place out of 39 providers, in the G2 Sales
Training and Onboarding Software Report.

What are the AI sales training tools?

AI Sales Tools for Sales Training and Coaching

AI sales tools like Cresta, Chorus, and Seismic offer features designed to help sales teams learn, grow, and improve their skills. These tools provide insights into sales calls, meetings, and other interactions, helping sales reps understand what works and what doesn’t.

What is Second Nature AI?

Sales teams are always looking for an edge over the competition.
And that’s why Second Nature is such a game-changer!

Our SaaS solution provides an AI trainer that uses conversational AI to train reps through actual conversations.

Our AI then objectively scores the sales reps, and helps them improve their sales pitch, so ultimately, they ace every sales call. Reminding reps about points they didn’t cover, challenging them with hardball questions, and giving them feedback in real time.

Who uses Second Nature AI?

Sales Reps use it to practice sales conversations in a safe, private environment, get real time feedback and hints from the sales simulator and see how top reps do it. *Sales Managers use it to turn all their reps into top performers quickly and track their progress over time, without spending hours reviewing session recordings and coaching 1-on-1

Product Industries


Deliver innovative educational experiences with conversational AI

Engage faculty and students with meaningful learning opportunities that drive engagement, motivation, and material retention.

Successfully teach soft skills

Soft skills are in high demand, but tough to teach. Second Nature’s AI provides a private, judgment-free space for students to practice listening, public speaking, and more, with instant feedback and realistic practice conversations that they can run at any time.

Ensure compliance with campus regulations

Every faculty member and student needs to be aware of and abide by regulations around sexual harassment, alcohol consumption, plagiarism, and more. Ensure your community stays on top of compliance with Second Nature’s active learning.

Make learning fun

Sharpen your institution’s reputation with fun, innovative AI-powered learning. Students and faculty alike enjoy practicing with Second Nature’s AI not only because it’s cool, but because they can keep training as much as they need.

Optimize admissions

Avoid the risk of accusations of bias: offer interactive training to practice interviewing people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and gender identities. Second Nature can also interview candidates and deliver objective, customized analyses and scores.


Drive more insurance sales with conversational AI

Onboard reps using Second Nature’s AI technology to master complex insurance products in less time

Improve sales volumes with AI

Insurance products are high on detail, and prospects are low on time. Second Nature’s AI role plays prepare agents to communicate the finer points of your products, build rapport, and confidently deliver your value proposition to close sales faster and better.

Onboard and scale in less time

The sooner new hires master compliance and product knowledge, the sooner they can close deals. Conversational AI helps them absorb and remember knowledge more efficiently, and rehearsing realistic sales calls gives them the confidence to drive sales faster than you’d expect.

Conversational ai for insurance: train all agents to excel

Second Nature’s AI for insurance provides timely feedback and gives agents the tailored guidance they need to strengthen personal weaknesses and reach A-player standard. Agents practice real conversations, which standardizes agent proficiency and makes each one ready for any scenario that may come their way.

Free up manager time

A flood of call recordings is holding back insurance sales managers from their long to-do lists. Second Nature’s AI does the heavy lifting for them with engaging role play training and meaningful performance analysis, freeing them to complete other vital tasks.

Keep agents on-script

Second Nature’s AI training and timely feedback prepare insurance sales agents to stick to the script and cover every compliance checkbox and disclaimer – without sounding unnatural


Ramp up technology sales with conversational AI

Empower reps to serve as trusted guides for buyers who are overwhelmed with product options. Train better, sell faster.

Strengthen customer relationships

AI role plays equip reps with the listening skills to understand customer pain points and the knowledge to differentiate any solution in a busy market. With Second Nature, tech sellers receive instant feedback to correct their mistakes and improve sales skills without delay.

Free up manager time

Free your sales managers from watching webcam pitches. Second Nature’s AI delivers objective, timely feedback for every user, while giving managers a clear view of which sales reps need extra support so they can ensure the weakest reps get extra training.

Boost sales training engagement

Gamified AI-powered role plays make sales training fun, engaging reps to practice more and boost proficiency. On-demand, interactive learning ensures each rep stays up to date with constantly-evolving tech and market trends.

Scale your SDR/BDR teams at the drop of a hat

Second Nature’s AI-powered sales training platform enables your SDR and BDR team to rehearse real sales conversations and master product and market knowledge, speeding up their time to first call and unlocking your ability to scale at will.


Power more telco sales with AI Powered role plays

Prepare telco reps to make your company stand out in a complex and competitive industry

Deliver outstanding customer experiences

Conversational AI trains reps to be confident, knowledgeable guides for customers bewildered by complex and rapidly-changing options. Use Second Nature to train reps to differentiate your company with consistent, trustworthy customer service that drives sales and loyalty.

Onboard quickly and at scale

Second Nature’s active learning helps new hires to master the vast range of solutions, meet compliance needs, and gain the confidence to discuss complicated offerings in a shorter space of time, enabling you to scale sales teams without hesitation.

Provide training on demand

AI-powered role plays are available 24/7, no matter how big or small your sales team. With Second Nature, reps are motivated to beat their previous scores and improve their skills in their own timeframe, boosting employee engagement and improving performance.

Free up manager time

Give AI the job of listening to call recordings, evaluating rep performance, and training sales reps. Now managers can redirect their time to their many other urgent tasks.


Remove friction from banking calls with conversational AI

Prime bankers to turn awkward conversations
into extraordinary customer experiences

Support trusted customer relationships

Second Nature’s AI training turns every banker into a trusted advisor, with the confidence and updated knowledge to explain banking products, manage difficult customer interactions, and comply with all regulations, increasing customer satisfaction and driving more revenue

Unburden managers

Banking managers are often drowning in call recordings. Second Nature’s AI training does the heavy lifting for them, freeing them to focus on their other activities

Make training fun

Training is not everyone’s favorite pastime, but with interactive AI-powered role play, bankers are motivated and engaged. Second Nature boosts enthusiasm, completion, and performance.

Onboard in the blink of an eye

AI role play simulations enable active learning which speeds up the learning process and improves material retention. This empowers new employees to ace every customer conversation, and shortens time to first call so you can scale at will.

Second Nature AI Customer Reviews

What do you like best about Second Nature AI?

What i like best about Second Nature is how it helps us to equip our sales team with incredible sales skills which gives them the confidence to engage with clients. We use Second Nature in all our organizations to coach and train our sales representatives and it has really proven to be the best of all times.

Secondly,, it is very easy, fast and simple to deploy Second Nature and start using it. I like its artificial intelligence nature which is fantastic and exceptional.Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike about Second Nature AI?

Second Nature makes training and coaching sales representatives easy and simple. It has no limitations so nothing to dislike about it.Review collected by and hosted on

What problems is Second Nature AI solving and how is that benefiting you?

The best sales coaching/training and onboarding platform in the industry today is Second Nature. It helps companies to equip their sales representatives with outstanding sales skills which help them to engage with clients. I like how it seamlessly integrates with Tovuti LMS which makes it super easy to create sales training programs.

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