TimeslinesAI Reviews:WhatsApp management solution for multiple numbers

About TimeslinesAI

TimelinesAI is an all-in-one WhatsApp management tool designed to enhance business communication and efficiency. It enables teams to seamlessly manage multiple WhatsApp numbers, collaborate effectively, and gain maximum visibility. TimelinesAI allows you to easily integrate WhatsApp with your existing tools by giving you access to a multi-device shared inbox. It can also automate responses with ChatGPT, send bulk messages, and track key metrics for data-driven decision-making.

TimelinesAI Chrome Extension allows to start a WhatApp chat from any CRM or site (TimelinesAI account is required).

Our Universal WhatsApp integration Chrome Extension allows you to instantly start or continue WhatsApp chat from any CRM or web page by selecting a detected phone number.

Enjoy embedded WhatsApp conversation right in the context of your work! You can dock, resize and collapse the extension display to adjust it neatly to the interface of your CRM.

TimelinesAI account is required to use our Chrome Extension.

Install the extension and sign-up for a FREE Trial to start sending WhatsApp messages from your CRM. Setup takes just 2 minutes, no credit card is required! For a limited time, Chrome Extension is available on all plans!

Send messages and start new chats from: HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, Monday or any other CRM.

TimelinesAI is all-in-one WhatsApp management platform for teams that use multiple individual numbers: — Multi-number Shared inbox for immediate control of all WhatsApp communication in real-time — Automatic sync of WhatsApp conversations to your CRM — Advanced WhatsApp automations and Mass Messaging via Zapier and Webhooks and now Chrome Extension that embeds WhatsApp chats directly into your CRM interface! Our products do NOT require WhatsApp business API and work with both WhatsApp personal and WhatsApp business numbers.

TimeslinesAI Reviews:WhatsApp management solution for multiple numbers

AI WhatsApp Tools-universal WhatsApp integration

TimelinesAI helps businesses with multiple individual numbers gain 360° visibility & boost performance on WhatsApp.

Control — One-click WhatsApp <> CRM Integrations

Visibility — Multi-number Shared Inbox

Performance — Zapier, Webhooks and Bulk sending

Whatsapp is the most direct way to reach out to your clients.
But it may be difficult to keep up with all communication in your company as you grow.

We created Timelines to help you easily manage Whatsapp as a team, review all chats in one place, and control the data about relations with your clients from Whatsapp.

What you get using TimelinesAI

Get MultiDevice WhatsApp Inbox to manage all contacts in one place

Messages and contacts from multiple WhatsApp devices get synced automatically. Your agents will be able to manage all contacts in one place, even if you connect multiple WhatsApp numbers.

Effortlessly connect WhatsApp numbers to one inbox

Unlock exclusive permission controls for seamless teamwork collaboration

Stay ahead by monitoring and optimizing your team’s performance

Integrate WhatsApp with your CRM systems in a few clicks

TimelinesAI offers Native CRM integrations, empowering you to effortlessly oversee WhatsApp business communications directly within your CRM platform.

Whatsapp and Pipedrive integration

Whatsapp and Hubspot integration 

Whatsapp and Zoho integration

Whatsapp and Monday integration

Set your agents ready for Whatsapp collaboration in two minutes

Connecting a Whatsapp device to TimelinesAI is easy. You just need to scan the QR code with your WA application and you’re ready to work.

It works with both business and regular WhatsApp numbers 

Achieve instant connectivity with just one click – no coding expertise required

Invite team members and streamline chat management

Enable your agents to start new chats right from web interface

Your agents can start a new 1 on 1 conversation from TimelinesAI interface using your Whatsapp numbers.

Begin a chat on WhatsApp without saving the person’s number in your phone

Automatically assign contacts to the Agent who starts the conversation

Use ready-made message templates for speedy responses

Improve your sales with pre-defined templates accessible to the entire team

Create the template messages or snippets for your Whatsapp messaging. Quick reply templates can be used for Start new chat and bulk reply features as well.

Make quick-reply templates easily and share them with your team without any approval

Handle the most common inquiries faster

Send broadcast messages to segments of your clients in bulk on WhatsApp

TimelinesAI enables you to send bulk messages to contacts that have previously communicated with your business or agents. It’s like sending an email campaign, but on Whatsapp! Create custom lists to update specific segments of your customers on your new services without the limitations of Whatsapp Business.

Supports Group Chats

TimelinesAI enables your team to reply to regular and group chats, share links to messages, exchange comments, and set follow up reminders.

ChatGPT and WhatsApp autoresponder

Looking to automate your entry-level communication with ChatGPT? We got you covered. Seamless integration with a fully configurable prompt and settings. Create WhatsApp and ChatGpt Autoresponder in just a few minutes. Ask in support chat to enable WhatsApp and ChatGpt Autoresponder.

Automatically answer your business messages on WhatsApp

Get a multilingual autoresponder on WhatsApp

Quick setup, no coding skills are required

Send WhatsApp messages and continue conversations directly from your CRM / ATS with TimelinesAI WhatsApp chrome extension

Our WhatsApp direct message chrome extension will automatically detect phone numbers from your CRM or any other webpage and provides you easy access to WhatsApp conversations.

Watch video explainer 


Sign up on the TimelinesAI app and try the extension to WhatsApp business today. Start engaging with your customers right from your CRM or ATS!


Organize and view messages&attachments from different Whatsapp numbers in one place

Share messages with dedicated easy to read pages instead of forwarding

Make information accessible to entire organization or specific team members

Grant temporary access with limited rights

Document most important messaging with teammates, clients, contractors, suppliers and government

Unify several related chats into one view; combine emails and Whatsapp messages, add notes to complement the communication.

CRM integrations


WhatsApp Shared Inbox For Multiple Numbers
WhatsApp and Pipedrive Integration
HubSpot and WhatsApp Integration
WhatsApp and Zapier integration
WhatsApp to CRM Integration
ChatGPT autoresponder for WhatsApp
Salesforce and WhatsApp Integration
Zoho and WhatsApp Integration
Monday and WhatsApp Integration
WhatsApp Click to Chat Button for Your Website
Launch mass messaging campaigns on WhatsApp
Multi-number WhatsApp management solution for WhatsApp agencies

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about TimelinesAI – centralized platform for WhatsApp communication

What is TimelinesAI?

TimelinesAI is a powerful WhatsApp management solution designed to empower businesses with multiple individual WhatsApp numbers. It provides a comprehensive set of features to enhance your WhatsApp communication, control, and team collaboration.

How do I connect my WhatsApp number to TimelinesAI?

Connecting your WhatsApp number happens in a few clicks:

1) Register on the TimelinesAI app
2) Generate the QR code on TimelinesAI
3) Scan the QR code with your WhatsApp mobile app

Does TimelinesAI support WhatsApp group chats?

Yes, TimelinesAI supports both regular and group chats, allowing your team to manage conversations effectively.

Is there an option for integrating WhatsApp with ChatGPT?

Yes, you can integrate WhatsApp with ChatGPT which allows you to autorespond to your customers.

What other integrations do you have?

In addition to native CRM integrations, you can also integrate WhatsApp with any CRM. Learn more about our additional integrations:

  • WhatsApp and Close integration
  • WhatsApp and Copper integration
  • WhatsApp and Keap integration
  • WhatsApp and Salesflare integration

Can we connect our regular WhatsApp numbers?

Yes, TimelinesAI works seamlessly with both business and regular WhatsApp numbers.

How do I get WhatsApp business reporting with TimelinesAI?

TimelinesAI provides key metrics for evaluating WhatsApp business communications’ effectiveness, including messaging statistics, response times, and performance insights.

Can I integrate WhatsApp with other tools I use?

You can use our Native WhatsApp & Zapier integration, webhooks, and public API to integrate with any other tools.

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